What are the best starter kits to quit smoking?

As time goes by, There are more and more people switching to vaping to quit smoking which in itself is amazing with a lot of those that quit smoking through this route helping to slowly introduce their friends and family to the benefits of the switch to vaping. With a little help and pointing in the right direction each individual helped is beginning to realise the benefits for themselves and are slowly passing on the knowledge that vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes thanks to sharing certain articles like the one linked just there. It's not just the health benefits either as with switching, There is also an awful lot of money that can be saved in the long run too with the average 10 a day smoker being able to save close to £125 a month by switching. There's not a single person I know that wouldn't like to benefit from having a little spare pocket change?

Vaping has indeed come an extremely long way from old school silica wick ego pens, With thousands of great products now specifically created to be as user friendly as possible to ease the transition from smoking to vaping, With each option available now catering for individual needs better and more successfully than ever before. Even greater is the quality of devices you can now find on a budget have increased exponentially meaning that you can now start to quit smoking using a vape that will cost you around the same as 2 meal deals would (odd analogy I know)! There are also many different shapes to accommodate comfort in the mouthpieces to be as similar of a shape to a cigarette sensation as possible, As well as the shape of the actual device with both “box” and “pen” styles available to give a go.

With all of the above being said, Let's take a look at some of the best and most cost effective starter or pod kits for you or someone you know to give a shot if they wish to give up smoking by transitioning onto vaping.

Vapefly Manners R Pod System Kit

This will be a great starter kit for a good many reasons. The mouthpiece itself is close to the same shape as would be found at the “filter” end of a cigarette, Each Replacement Pod features built in coils with each individual option be that the 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 or 1.2ohm variant being automatically recognised by the device itself, Which means there is absolutely zero need for adjustments at all meaning that quite simply it just works. The pods feature a simple side filling system and when they are done you chuck the whole pod itself away without the need to remove the coil itself. The flavour is excellent with lifespan of the coil to match, Its ideal for use with nic salts or 50/50 liquids and can perform MTL flawlessly which means it will even provide a draw similar to that of a cigarette but is adjustable to suit the user preference. To finalise just how easy this is to use, It can be used with either the auto draw function (no need to touch the button) or alternatively you can choose to fire it via the power button but the choice is completely yours and the large 1000mAh internal battery will charge extremely fast when flat to keep you going for longer with less time in between waiting! For its price point and performance, The Vapefly Manners R Pod System Kit is an ideal starter point.

Vaporesso ECO Nano Pod Kit

Now THIS is an excellently thought out concept by the folks at Vaporesso. The Vaporesso ECO Nano Pod Kit is a device that was designed with the disposable market in its thoughts to give users an extremely user friendly system to combat the need of one person needing to even grab a disposable. The pods have a large capacity, refill by removing a simple rubber plug mechanism on the bottom, The coil is built into the pod so when the pod has burnt out or giving less flavour you chuck it away and it's a simple plug and play system with an auto draw system with not a single button in sight. It gives a slightly loose MTL draw and is perfect for higher nicotine strengths in your nic salts and can provide up to 13,000 puffs in one pod, Which in itself is extremely impressive. There is a little battery indicator LED to check the remaining battery of your pod kit. For a simple pod system the flavour from this is excellent and an extremely simple to use pod system if you're just starting the transition to vaping being able to set this up in minutes without the need for adding to landfill when it's flat on battery (This has a 1000mAh internal battery so will last a good while anyway) as this can be recharged with the replacement pods themselves being able to be purchased separately. 

OXVA Oneo Pod Kit

Anywhere there is a list to do with any form of starter or pod kit, You can almost guarantee I will be placing an OXVA product in the midst because quite simply… They are excellent in all that they do. The full chassis of the OXVA Oneo Pod Kit is made of durable Aliminium Alloy and built to last, Operates purely using auto draw with no buttons in sight and has a e-liquid viewing window to allow you to keep an eye on your liquid levels at all times. The pod is encased inside with a cap protecting it from any damage of any sort and utilises a simple side filling system that is really easy to use and the device itself has a large 1600mAh internal battery that will see you well into your day and is rechargeable via a 2amp capable fast charging USB C port. The best part of this kit is that it can adapt to all your vaping needs so should you need more power, All you have to do is select one of the 3 available replacement pods and your device will match the power best suited for it and adjust the airflow on the side to your liking… ZERO hassle and more than capable of all MTL, RDL or DL vaping needs should you ever wish to pursue more power! The flavour you get from these is really quite incredible thanks to the unicoil tech feature in the pods built in coil and will last an extended amount of time too so easily cost effective with the rather nice LED light indicator on the front giving a little bit of customisation as well as the ability to check your remaining battery power at a glance. I personally highly recommend this device.

Voopoo Argus P1S Pod Kit

Voopoo are known for creating devices that simply work and do so incredibly well with consistently implementing new user-friendly systems for either their devices or pods themselves with each release they make. The Voopoo Argus P1S Pod Kit continues the entirely user-friendly formula and boosted it into creating a device that could not be simpler to use. The 800mAh internal battery is rechargeable with insanely fast charging times thanks to the 2amp capable USB C charging port, With the pods themselves having the coil built in and the user simply needing to refill with their e-liquid of choice and vape using the auto draw feature. Every single extra thing that you would otherwise have to take care of and adjust is done via the smart functionality of the chip, Meaning it's all done for you. The ONLY things needed to worry about are keeping the pod full, changing said pod when it's at the end of its life and of course keeping the Argus P1S charged. The pods themselves are incredibly flavourful and do have a very good lifespan so this awesome little pod kit is a no brainer for beginners or someone simply wanting the simplest low hassle vaping experience possible.

There are many excellent pod or starter kits available now to choose from for those who wish to make the transfer over to vaping and in my opinion there has never been a better, easier time to make the switch with most kits being as simple to use as they physical which are noticeable within the first month of switching, There is also a great community behind this industry too with many people available to talk to for advice or tips regarding vaping. 

To check out the many choices available to choose from please check out the Pod Kit section or alternatively should you wish to talk to us regarding making the switch and need directional advice as to what to go for, Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

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