What Are Some Of The Best Fruit Flavour E-Liquids?

With an ever growing variety of impressive flavours being released to us vapers, It's becoming increasingly difficult for some people to pick and choose new flavours that they like the sound of without knowing if they have the flavour profile just right, Especially when it comes to fruit blends. Some people even stick to what they know, Potentially limiting themselves from trying some of the incredible new flavours that are available right now.

In this blog, We are going to be taking a look at what in my personal opinion are some of the best fruit flavours you will find at the current time of writing (November 2023). I am aware of course that opinions on these are subjective and this will not be everyone's views or I may in fact miss some myself, But the goal of this is to also help others discover highly recommended flavours while potentially finding their next all day vape themselves. If this blog helps at least one person discover something new, Then you are very welcome and that's exactly what the aim was! 

Without delaying any further, Here is a selection of 10 awesome fruit flavours in no specific order that you need to treat your tastebuds to.. Let's get straight into it!

Supergood “The Cocktail Series” - Pear Fizz

I will always have a soft spot for this specific flavour with it being one of the very first flavours I tried of all of Supergood’s now extensive lineup of diverse flavours.. But the soft spot is not without good reason. This flavour perfectly captures the taste of juicy pears without tasting on the overly sweet side and ending up like more of a Pear Drop kind of flavour, It's just right and tastes as the fruit or juices of it would in its real version authentically. The best parts of this flavour are picked up with the undertones of zesty lime bringing in a nice kick on the exhale pairing with the genuine “fizzy” sensation from the inclusion of champagne. The collaboration of flavour notes on the exhale is nothing short of amazing and will most likely stay a part of this list for a long time. 

Doozy “Seriously” Fusionz - White Peach Lemon

This is one of the newer entries in the list that I have experienced very recently and as I am writing this, I knew it had to be a part of this blog. Doozy has managed to create a flavour that gave me the “Ooo'' factor as soon as I first experienced it. This genuinely surprised me with its collaborating ingredients as the outcome is not what I expected at all. The overall flavour notes found when vaping this liquid are actually incredibly smooth and not overpowering in the slightest which allows for a genuinely rather pleasant experience. The peach flavour alongside the undertones of lemon perfectly balances each other out and legitimately makes me struggle to put down whichever device this flavour is placed with at the time. Remarkable stuff.

Wick Liquor - Boulevard / Boulevard Shattered

There isn't a single other e-liquid manufacturer around that has created anything that closely resembles this genuinely unique flavour. There is very much a reason I chose to include both the normal and “shattered” version here as to be honest with you all, I couldn't pick one without including its icey variant. The great thing about the cooler variant of this flavour as well, Is that it isn't “Brain Freeze” inducing but rather a refreshing and ever so slight chill which allows for an incredibly pleasant and smooth vaping experience. This fruit punch and Malibu Loganberry pulp flavour is a sensation that every vaper out there deserves to bring to their favourite kit whether that's a sub ohm kit or pod kit, It is available in either shortfill or nic salt variety so if you enjoy it as much as myself and many others do.. You can fill up both! This is not a flavour that disappoints and will always remain a firm favourite of mine.

Fruit Drop - Grapefruit Blood Orange

As much as I pretty much love each flavour in the entirety of the Fruit Drop line up, This flavour right here is the one that for me, Stuck out from the rest. I couldn't possibly have thought that two fruits could have combined as well as the punchy taste of grapefruit and zesty blood orange but honestly, They really do! Not one flavour is stronger than the other and balances each other out perfectly on both inhale and exhale while surprisingly enough remaining impeccably smooth and not overly sweet. I can't sing the praises high enough of this one and thankfully for myself and everyone else who has to experience this flavour, It is available in BOTH shortfill and nic salt variants to cater for everyone's needs.

Doozy Vape “Legends” - Pink Haze

For as long as I can remember now since its original release, I ALWAYS have a bottle of this somewhere within my rotation quite simply because not only is it refreshing WITHOUT needing an icy blast to do so, It's also the perfect balance of sweetness while remaining not overly sweet to set your teeth on edge. It's the citrus for me that does it paired with the zesty fruits that it's combined with that pair so incredibly well on both exhale and inhale which is why I have always gone back to it. When I first discovered this flavour it was literally the only flavour you would find me vaping with nothing else in rotation at all, And there was a very good reason for this - It is SUCH an easy flavour to just pick up and vape continuously. 

Twelve Monkeys - Mangabeys

Sometimes you simply cannot compare or come remotely close to the originals, And this is why Twelve Monkeys' tropical taste of Mangabeys will hold a place in this list for a long time to come. Whatever concentrates they chose to use with this undeniably iconic flavour is the reason why literally no one (even when using the same flavour profile) can match the very taste that this flavour holds due to its complex variety of undertones that reveal themselves on the exhale. The authentic taste of pineapple is balanced out by smooth notes of guava and delicious ripe mangos. Mangabeys to me almost gives a close to Smoothie experience when vaping it and I can promise you now, If you like tropical liquids… This is one that will very quickly become an all day vape for you.


Charlie's Chalk Dust “Pacha Mama” - Strawberry Guava Jackfruit

I'm not the type of person to actively search for a strawberry flavour as a rule being that Strawberry flavours are not usually my first port of call when i'm actively searching for new taste experiences for my vape. After trying this on my friend's  OXVA Arbiter RTA however, Things soon changed! This is the flavour that changed the way I viewed strawberry flavours with the problem being that every other liquid with strawberries in it is compared to this one to which so far nothing has come remotely close for me. The strawberry is a genuinely natural tasting flavour element which then pairs with the sweet tasting guava on the inhale with the undertone of jackfruit coming through on the exhale all together creating something quite incredible. Better yet, I can also confirm that its kind on your coils as a bonus! 

The Yorkshire Vaper “At Home Doe” - 6:00AM

This was again never a flavour that I thought I would enjoy, But after actually trying it and finding myself absolutely falling for it I can tell you that from experience, It's always worth trying a flavour that intrigues you even the slightest just once as you never know! What I get taste wise from this is actually flavour notes that aren't too dissimilar to that of the darker coloured fruit pastilles combined together, And that is nothing but a thing of beauty to me.

The flavour is profiled as a Blue Raspberry Hard Candy dusted in powdered sugar but I get more of a soft gummy fruit chew kind of experience from it which either way, Is undeniably gorgeous! For those of you reading this that have a sweet tooth, This is one you have to try!

Cyber Rabbit - XENON

Now this one is one heck of an intense flavour with a combination of concentrates that blend together SO damn well. This mouthwatering flavour has been in my rotation LITERALLY since this range was released and I simply never seem to have quite enough of it. This range was created by the folks at Dispergo and is a concoction that consists of Juicy blueberries blended with a generous splash of pomegranate. This ALMOST gives me a sort of fizzy sensation on the exhale too making it like a sherbet or soda sort of creation too but one thing that I do know for sure.. If you think you know what a blueberry flavour should taste like, Think again! This one will blow your mind!

ICE BLOX - Apple Cranberry

I am not often a fan of “Ice” specific themed ranges at all but Ice Blox kind of pulled my legs out from under me when I tried them. These are not your brain freeze kind of old flavours, But a “fridge fresh” kind of cooling sensation which makes them honestly really quite refreshing to vape. This flavour stuck out from the rest though with its perfect balance of tart and sweetness from the delicious green apples and juicy cranberry found within. It's hard to describe just how good this flavour really is but it certainly was beyond all expectations, Absolutely gorgeous. If you like myself, give “Ice” ranges a wide berth, I genuinely think this may convert you with its refreshing burst of intense flavour goodness. You won't be disappointed!

And that about wraps up this little blog. I hope that it inspires you to potentially try something new and get adventurous while you're on your vaping journey. There are so many different fruit flavours out there that I haven't even tried myself so there may be even a few different updates added to this blog or maybe even a separate blog in the future, So do be sure to keep your eyes on the blog section for any new entries!

Feel free to comment below your favourites and even your opinions on the above flavours. Thank you very much for reading and I'll catch you in the next one!

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