The Best Pod Vape Kits in 2024

Written by: Shane Margereson



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In 2024, the market is flooded with a huge variety of refillable pod vape kits, each with different features and designs. With so many choices, it can be hard to find the right one for you. So our experts have scoured the latest and greatest pod kits, testing a wide range of products to bring you a comprehensive guide to the best pod vape kits of the year so far.

These are our best refillable pod vapes currently available in the UK as tested by our experts at Ecigone.

Pod Kits Are Revolutionising the Vaping Industry

Pod kits have quickly become the go-to choice for both beginners and experienced vapers, and for good reason. These compact and user-friendly devices offer a whole new level of convenience and performance, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their vaping experience.

One of the main reasons why pod kits are revolutionising the vaping industry is their simplicity. Unlike traditional mods, pod kits are designed to be easy to use, making them a great option for beginners. With their plug-and-play functionality, all you need to do is insert the pod, and you're ready to start vaping. No more dealing with complicated settings or coil changes, pod kits offer a hassle-free vaping experience.

But it's not just beginners who are benefiting from pod kits. Even experienced vapers are making the switch to these devices due to their compact size and portability and now larger battery life. Pod kits are small enough to fit in your pocket, making them perfect for on-the-go vaping. Whether you're travelling or just want a discreet vaping experience, pod kits offer the convenience and performance that you're looking for.

The Benefits of Using Pod Kits

There are several benefits to using pod kits that make them a popular choice amongst vapers. Firstly, pod kits offer a more quick and easy vaping experience. With traditional mods, the quality of your vape can vary depending on factors such as coil resistance, wattage, and airflow. However, pod kits 2024 are designed to compete against the traditional mod, especially now they have larger batteries, better flavour and more advanced features but they still have the same easy-to-use features that deliver a consistent vape every time, ensuring that you get the same great flavour and vapour production with every puff.

Another benefit of using pod kits is their versatility. Many pod kits offer adjustable wattage, allowing you to customise your vaping experience to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a more intense flavour or a smoother draw, pod kits give you the flexibility to find your perfect vaping style.

In addition to their versatility, our chosen best pod kits of 2024 offer a much greater battery life compared to traditional pod kits usually at 1000mah and under. With advancements in battery technology, pod kits are now capable of lasting all day on a single charge. This means you can enjoy your favourite e-liquids without worrying about running out of battery life.

Our Top Pod Vape Kits For 2024


The Orion II Pod Kit has quickly become my preferred vaping device since its release last year, and there are several reasons for this. One of the primary factors is my appreciation for LVE products, which consistently deliver exceptional quality. The Orion II Pod Kit, in particular, stands out due to its substantial heft for a pod system, which is primarily due to its robust 1500mAh LiPo battery. This powerful battery ensures the device can last throughout the day on a single charge, which is incredibly convenient for me.

In terms of performance, the coils of the Orion II are noteworthy. They rival the best on the market, offering a flavour experience that is quite remarkable. When it comes to the device's design, it feels like I'm holding a miniature high-end box mod—its aesthetics and ergonomics are that impressive.

I've also had the opportunity to try out the new RBA pod, which has been a game-changer. For experienced vapers who enjoy the process of building their own coils, this addition is nothing short of revolutionary. It's this level of versatility and quality that makes the Orion II Pod Kit a challenging contender to replace in my vaping rotation.

  1. Long-Lasting Battery: The Orion II Pod Kit comes equipped with a 1500mAh LiPo battery. This large capacity is a significant advantage because it can sustain a full day's use on a single charge for many users. This is especially beneficial for those who are frequently on the move and may not always have immediate access to a charging port.

  2. High-Quality Coils: The coils provided with the Orion II Pod Kit are praised for their excellent flavour production. Good quality coils are essential for a satisfying vaping experience because they are responsible for heating the e-liquid and releasing the flavour. Users looking for a rich and consistent taste will find the coil performance of this pod kit to be superior.

  3. Versatile RBA Pod Option: For vapers who prefer a more hands-on approach, the Orion II offers an RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) pod. This feature is designed for those experienced in building their own coils, providing them with the freedom to customize their vaping experience to their exact preferences. This level of customisation is not commonly found in pod kits, making it a unique selling point for the Orion II.


Don't let the affordable price tag fool you; the Smoant Charon T50 pod kit is a serious contender among its higher-priced peers. Equipped with a robust 1500mAh battery, it offers a broad selection of coil choices, including an RBA deck for those who enjoy a customizable vaping experience.

The attractive colour screen is just another feature that elevates this device to the level of more expensive pod systems. It's for these reasons that it has earned a spot in my top five pod kits of 2024. The Smoant S-series coils have been upgraded, too, delivering even more impressive flavour quality than before, and they boast cross-compatibility with other Smoant products. Smoant might not get the recognition it deserves, but take it from me—choosing this pod kit could be a decision you'll be thoroughly pleased with.

  1. Powerful Battery: The device includes a 1500mAh internal battery, offering substantial power capacity for extended vaping sessions, reducing the need for frequent recharging.

  2. Versatile Coil Options with RBA: It supports a wide array of coil options, allowing users to choose according to their preference for vapour production and flavour intensity. Additionally, it comes with a Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) deck, catering to those who prefer to customize their coils.

  3. Enhanced Colour Display: The pod kit features a vibrant colour screen, which not only adds to the visual appeal of the device but also improves user interaction by providing clear and accessible information about the device's settings and status.


With its sleek design, compact LED screen, and a powerful 1500mAh battery, this pod kit offers great value at an affordable price. This pod kit is a fantastic choice, and it's become a staple on my desk for those times I’m working on the PC and enjoying a vape.

The pods are available in two resistance options, 0.6 ohms and 0.8 ohms, providing a flavor experience I find comparable to that of the Xslim Pro. When I fill it with my favorite dessert-flavored nicotine salt, this pocket-friendly device really shines. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Advken Artha Pro Pod Kit to any vaper, from beginners to the more experienced.

  1. Design and User Interface: The pod kit boasts a sleek design complemented by a compact LED screen, providing a modern look and straightforward navigation for monitoring and adjusting settings.

  2. Battery Life: It comes equipped with a 1500mAh battery, offering ample power to support extended vaping sessions and reducing the frequency of charges for the user.

  3. Pod Options and Flavor: The kit includes pods with two resistance levels (0.6ohm and 0.8ohms), allowing vapers to choose based on their preferred vaping style and draw resistance. This versatility is enhanced by the kit's ability to deliver excellent flavour, which is especially notable when used with preferred e-liquids, such as dessert-flavored nicotine salts.


Wow, what do we have here? For all you old-school vapers, it's a mini Minikin, and it's spectacular. This one is tailored more for you DL (direct lung) and RDL (restricted direct lung) vapers, to be honest. It's a bit of a cloud chaser, so take it easy with the high mg liquid, or you might get a serious nicotine rush. This little powerhouse packs a punch with its 1800mAh battery and comes in a vast array of colour options. The paint splatter ones are especially cool. And to top it all off, you can buy different colour shells and swap your colours without buying a new device – perfect for all you people who like to customise your vape gear. To finish it off, it has a full Minikin box mod screen which looks incredible.

  1. High Battery Capacity: The Asmodus Minikin Pod Kit is equipped with an 1800mAh battery, providing substantial power for longer vaping sessions and making it suitable for vapers who prefer not to recharge frequently.

  2. Customisable Aesthetics: It offers a wide range of colour options, including unique paint splatter designs, and the ability to swap out different coloured shells allows users to personalise the look of their device without the need to purchase an entirely new one.


Check out the Voopoo Argus P2 Pod Vape Kit, a compact powerhouse that's perfect for on-the-go vaping. Now equipped with a 1100mAh battery, Voopoo has impressively managed to include a small screen within its design. This addition allows you to fine-tune your vaping experience with adjustable wattage. Those familiar with Voopoo's previous pod kits will attest to the excellent flavour they deliver, and the Argus P2 is no exception, accepting the same pods as the original Argus series for consistent, high-quality vaping.

For anyone in search of a reliable option, the Argus P2 should be at the top of your list. Voopoo has also updated their pods with a new top-filling design, maintaining the great flavour legacy of their previous models. Whether you're after a subtle mouth-to-lung (MTL) or a restricted direct lung (RDL) vaping style, and regardless of whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, the Voopoo Argus P2 has got you covered. Take advantage of the great value and pick one up today

  1. Integrated High-Capacity Battery: The inclusion of an 1100mAh battery means more vaping time between charges, catering to those who need a reliable device throughout the day.

  2. Pod Versatility and Upgraded Design: It's compatible with the renowned pods from the original Argus line, ensuring the same exceptional flavour profile Voopoo users have come to love. Additionally, the kit introduces an innovative top-filling pod system that simplifies refills while preserving the acclaimed taste quality.

Pod Kit Features to Consider when Choosing the Right One

When choosing your pod kits for vaping, it is useful to consider several factors to ensure the device meets your specific needs and preferences;

Battery Life:

  • Capacity: Check the mAh rating – higher milliampere-hours (mAh) typically means longer battery life.
  • Type of Use: Factor in your vaping habits; frequent users will benefit from larger battery capacity.
  • Charging: Look for devices with USB-C charging for faster recharge times or pass-through charging, 2A is the fastest usually within 30min.

Ease of Use:

  • Pod Filling: Seek out systems that have easy-to-fill pods and anti-leak design.
  • Controls: Prefer devices with intuitive controls, such as single-button operation or even draw activated.
  • Maintenance: Consider how easy it is to clean the device and replace parts like the pod or coil.


  • Airflow Control: Adjustable airflow can resist the draw, influencing whether you get a tight (mouth-to-lung) or loose (direct-lung) draw.
  • Wattage Control: Being able to adjust wattage allows you to control the power output, which affects vapour production and flavour intensity to dial in that perfect vape.

Pod Capacity and Coil Compatibility:

  • E-Liquid Capacity: Ensure the pod can hold an adequate amount of e-liquid for your needs.
  • Coil Options: Look for devices that offer a range of coil resistances or types, allowing you to switch between flavours and nicotine strengths with ease my personal favourite is 0.8ohm with 10mg nicotine salts .

Build Quality and Design:

  • Materials: A device made from quality materials like metal or durable plastics will generally last longer.
  • Size and Portability: Consider if you need something compact for on-the-go use or if size is less of a concern.

Nicotine Delivery:

  • DTL vs. MTL: Direct-to-lung (DTL) devices are usually suitable for lower nicotine levels and bigger clouds, while mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices are better for higher nicotine levels and a smoking-like experience.

Safety Features:

  • Protection Circuits: Look for devices with built-in protections against overcharging, short circuits, and overheating.
  • Quality Assurance: Check if the device complies with relevant safety standards and certifications.

Brand Reputation and Support:

  • Manufacturer: Consider buying from reputable brands, like some of the recommendations above. Some other popular brands are Voopoo and Vaporesso and Uwell.

Cost and Availability:

  • Price: Balance your budget with the features you require.
  • Refills and Accessories: Factor in the long-term cost of purchasing replacement pods and coils.

By considering each of these aspects, you can make a well-informed decision when selecting a pod kit that will provide you with a satisfying vaping experience tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

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