Drag H40 Kit by Voopoo

Voopoo have been a part of the vaping industry for nearly 10 years now and the success of their brand has been largely carried by the drag series of devices. So is the new drag H 40 able to carry that legacy forward? Well, let's find out!

A Closer Look…

The he box that your voopoo drag H40 kit will come in is a nice simple design that matches the colour of the device you have picked. I actually find it quite eye catching myself as sometimes less is indeed more. In this box you will find another box and in this box you will find a silica gel sachet (not to be consumed of course), A user manual, A PNP platform card which shows you every single coil that is compatible with this device (spoiler alert it’s the whole range), Spare coil (0.3 ohm and a 0.45 ohm that’s pre installed) A USB C cable and of course sat in the box all smart looking is the H40 kit itself.

The H40 Kit Up Close.

Drag H40 Kit by Voopoo

Straight from the beginning, I can tell you that I actually really love this color. I received mine in Snow Blue and it is just genuinely a really smart looking non-garish colour. There is also a few other colors available that will suite everyone’s wishes on the basis of aesthetics. The drag logo sits proud with the “H40” added alongside it and surround the device itself you've got a nice soft leather effect surrounding the device which is quite soft in the hands and comfortable to hold. Fire button placed at the top face of the device with the up and down buttons beneath with a fairly quite clicky nature to them but all the same… Still clicky! And Just at the bottom of the device at the base you will find that your USB C charging port.

Let's take a closer look at this pod. The pod itself is held into the device by 3 rather strong magnets on the bottom of the base of the pod. On the top we have a big pro on the form of a removable 510 drip tip, A rare site on pod kits these days and a big plus. There’s also a nice textured pattern around the outside of the top too, which is honestly quite smart looking. Around the top edge of the pod is the Voopoo brand name and on the bottom edge is the removable rubber plug which will unveil the filling port on the side, which is an okay size in my opinion. It could be a LITTLE bit bigger, But not a total deal breaker for me.

We're gonna go ahead and use the 0.3 Ohm coil provided in the box and not the 0.45 Ohm pre installed one on this occasion (0.45 has already been through testing). Being the PNP series of coils they are silly easy to install and is literally a case of pushing it straight in to the bottom of the pod and away you go. There's no needing to align anything like any straight edges or anything. It's literally a push in and done. The pod itself is also really nice and clear so you can easily see your liquid levels in your pod.

How easy is the device to use?

Now let's take a look at the chip set on the H40. To start off with before we dive into how the chip works, It's a nice easy screen to read in whatever light be that outdoors or any extremely bright indoor environment. On the screen you’ll find your battery levels at the top, your wattage levels, resistance, and at the bottom of the screen will be the amount of puffs that you've taken.

Now going through the system. Clicking the power button 3 times will change your usage mode from SMART to the RBA mode, which allows you to maximize the power on ANY of the coils that you put in there without being limited by the smart function itself. Max power itself is 40 watts. There's no round robin feature when changing your wattage, so you have to go up and then back down again if you want to lower your wattage. Of course clicking 3 times again sets it back to smart mode. What Smart mode does is is whenever you pop a new coil into the system, it'll recognize the wattage that is best suited for that coil's resistance and it'll start you off on that best wattage when you reinsert your pod with the new coil onto the device. This mode is an excellent feature in my opinion and greatly improves the ease of use.

Press the power and the down button at the same time will clear your puffs. Pressing the power button and up at the same time will lock your device completely so you can't fire it or adjust your wattage. You unlock it by pressing and holding the same combination again. The last feature other than simply firing and changing wattage is of course pressing the power button five times to turn it off.

Final feature to mention is that you have no metal toggle on this one to adjust your airflow and it’s all done via the rotation of the pod itself. You can variate your airflow nicely this way too and can block over either one of the airflow holes or two and allows the user freedom to use the device as they wish.

Final thoughts on the H40 Kit?

What do I think of the drag H 40? The Voopoo drag series has gone on for a very long time and there's a very specific reason for that. It's because there are very loved series of devices. It wouldn't have continued on so long if they weren't! And of course with the Drag H40 kit, it continues its legacy. This device is a solid bit of kit in all areas.

It's made out of zinc alloy, so it's got a nice solid feel to it and a good weight. The shape of it means that it's rather comfy to hold in the hand and It's not a big device either. Even someone with a smaller hand size would be okay with using this. It’s an incredibly responsive device so when clicking that fire button, It is literally instantly ready to use. it's so damn fast!

The use of the chip is really nice and simple as well with zero in the way of overcomplicated stuff being present. Smart mode which kind of helps you to choose the best wattage for the coil and will definitely help you wether your completely new to vaping or a seasoned veteran. The whole PNP range of coils is compatible which is an insane plus being that there is so many options available.

I actually love the fact that that drip tip is removable. You do not find many with said feature these days. Having the removable tip Meaning that if you have any tips lying around or you happen to lose the one installed, It can be easily replaced. I like the overall design of the pod. The magnets are nice and strong so your pod won’t randomly fly out pulling it out of your pocket to use. The pod can hold up to a sizeable 5ml of liquid without the TPD plug in which you should find easily removable.

One of the biggest things… is the damn flavour and the battery life. I'm going to say probably the unbelievable here… I think this coil is the closest thing I've had to the flavor of a rebuildable atomizer from a stock coil. It's absolutely insane. Every profile from any liquid you put into this pod with these coils you will find in its most pronounced quality’s. Genuinely really bloody impressive. The 1500mah battery, Even using it up to the top end of its power I've seen nearly three days out of this battery before I've had to charge it. Because it's a USB C charging port it charges within about half an hour anyway, So you're never going to be without your device for long.

let's be honest here, in this day and age, this is more likely to be the type of device that you carry here, there and everywhere. Not everyone wants to carry a big bulky device in their pockets and I think this H40 is absolutely perfect for that. Every single pro here speaks for itself really. 100% recommended this device!


Written by Samuel Adams

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