Steam Crave Hadron 220 (2023 EDITION) - Making a beast even better ?

With having 11 years of experience in this industry, SteamCrave are very well known for creating larger than life mods and atomizers. So when I received the Hadron 220 as an updated version, I wondered what they could possibly change? So Let's see what they've done. 

The Hadron 220 Up Close

The the box that your mod will come in is in a typically SteamCrave box being black with SteamCrave branding and the mod that you get in the box named upon it. In the box you will find an instruction manual with illustrations, two battery adapters to use 18650 batterys (It’s a 20700/21700 accepting device), Two battery wraps for your 21700’s, A cute little SteamCrave sticker, A braided USB C cable and of course the main device itself, The Hadron 220 but of course with a difference. This one’s had some nice little updates. 

This new variant of the Hadron 220 comes in two colors. I've received mine in gun metal but it is also available in black which also looks rather smart indeed. Apparently these colours also have a more durable finish than the previous Hadron 220 which is a nice bonus! On the front of the device you have your power button, up and down buttons and then in the centre of the up and down buttons you have your menu selection button. Turning the Hadron over to the side, you've got the Steam Crave branding on one side then on the other side you've got Hadron 220

To the rear of the device we've got nothing. This may be a surprise to some of you to see nothing there as If you've seen this mod before in its previous rendition, There used to be a little rubber stopper. When said rubber plug was removed this would open up the area where the Squonking Backpack could be attached and feed up to the mods Squonk 510 pin to feed directly to the atomiser on top. With the Backpack on, It was absolutely massive but still well received by those that used it. Since they've removed this plug however, it's kind of reduced the form factor so it's a little bit more compact. 

Another change on the front here we've got a USB C instead of a micro USB port. The battery door itself has also been updated with nice stiff mechanism there which means it isn't going to randomly unlock in your pocket and have your batteries flying out anywhere.

Inside this updated Hadron 220, It still has an SX490 Yihi chip, However it's an upgraded one.

They've done a little bit of tinkering around and have improved the whole operation of this device and one things for sure.. During use, You can tell the difference between this one and the original. The chip update improves battery life, has even less voltage drop and improvements on the power output, which makes this thing even more powerful and a lot quicker on the ramp up time! It’s quite literally instant as you press that power button to vape. So yes, this thing is a certified animal! There is also a little issue they have corrected from the previous version where if you removed your batteries it would reset the puff count when it was next turned on. It no longer does this now and unless manually cleared, The puff count will remain the same. 

For a detailed look at the SX490 Yihi Chip and how it operates with this system, Please check out the YouTube video by clicking on the picture in this blog. 

On top you will find nice large 510 plate surround the 510 pin itself which will in turn also serve to help keep the top nice and protected from any atomiser rash. With the port for the Squonking backpack being removed, we've also now got a standard spring loaded 510 pin here. With the 510 plate there is also a nice little O-ring here so it actually stops the atomiser seizing onto your device so you can just get them off nice and easy. The Hadron can actually fit HUGE tanks and atomisers on here. Up to 35 millimeters in diameter to be precise, With absolutely no overhang. This makes it perfect for SteamCraves other atomisers like the AROMAMISER Plus V1, V2, V3 RDTAs, the AROMAMISER Supreme V3 RDTA, The Meson RTA and of course the Ragnar RDTA which you can actually get as part of a kit separately with this updated version!

To Summarise The Hadron 220 

What do I think of this updated version of the Hadron 220? First of all, this thing is a beast. You can definitely tell that it's made out quality materials as it's got a good amount of heft too yet although it's quite a sizable mod, it fits in your pocket very well! If it was too big we wouldn't be able to take it anywhere and we of course know your going to want to take it about with you. I've definitely been enjoying using this thing because it's instant. When I press that fire button and I want to have a vape, I'm going to want it to work straight away. This does exactly that! straight away and ZERO delay!

The fact that this thing can take a 35 millimeter atomizer is a huge pro as there really isn't much out there that's going to overhang on this thing.

Ironically the only things that would potentially overhang on this thing are in fact created by SteamCrave themselves!

The fact that you can put this into a novice mode and completely eliminate all the big faffing about with temperature control and changing through loads of different things is a big pro. It means anyone can get hold of it, use it without worry and enjoy it. It’s entirely user friendly, Which is awesome and you can make them mod as simple as you want it to be. 

The little updates that they have done to this on the exterior and the chip itself have definitely made a difference. This thing produces INSTANT power. It’s an absolute animal! And although there are only a few updates that you will for sure notice with the Hadron 220 here, A lot of people would've missed out on the original Hadron 220 3 years ago (It's been three years already!) So upgrading it to make it a more modern version of itself is excellent in my opinion. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. The original Hadrons build quality was excellent. The fact they've even gone out of their way to improve that EVEN more so is incredible, because the whole look and feel of it did not need changing at all. And I’m glad they didn’t. 

If you enjoyed the original Hadron 220 or haven't even tried the original Hadron 220, I highly recommend this for BOTH new users and old. An absolute force to be reckoned with!

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