Vandy Vape BSKR Mini V3 MTL RTA - Mini by name, Mighty by nature?

Since they were founded in 2016, Vandy Vape have always promised to give us exceptional quality products such as the much loved Berserker series of tanks. So how does the BERSERKER Mini V3 MTL RTA stand with the rest? Well, there's one way to find out!

What's in the box?

Now time to get up close and personal with the BSKR Mini V3 MTL RTA. The box you get your RTA in is of course nicely presented with all relevant information as to what’s inside the box.  Inside the box you will get an instruction manual with loads of illustrations and different languages inside, A quality control certificate, Two MTL fused Clapton coils, glass extension adapter, Plenty of airflow pins from not 0.8mm all the way up to 2.0mm, spare screws, gaskets, o-rings and an Allen key, A spare slightly longer drip tip spare larger glass section, stainless steel section (This replaces the glass so it's a full stainless tank and is quite a different look), Then finally bundled in with the absolute mountain of extras you have the main event itself. The BSKR V3 mini MTL RTA! 

Up close with the BSKR V3 Mini MTL RTA. 

On the top we have a removable 510 drip tip and to replace the drip tip with the spare one in the box, you just unscrew the threaded piece under the drip tip installed and remove that one and then you screw the new one in, Or alternatively you can use your own 510 drip tips. Clean machining can be found all around with no residue inside or around it. There’s a nice little bit of knurling around the top and a little bit around the bottom, Helping you with a bit of grip on so it’s easier when you're taking everything apart and screwing it back together. When you receive your RTA it’ll come pre installed with a stubbier 2ml glass, But we're going to be changing that for a couple of reasons, but I'll explain about that a little later on.

On the very front of the RTA there’s a little “B” engraving here, which is actually a very nice subtle bit of branding. It's not plastered everywhere and just looks really nice in my opinion. On the bottom of your RTA it’ll come pre-installed with a 1.2mm airflow pin but of course as usual we're going change that in a little bit. To open the tank, It's just a nice little quarter screw which releases the top cap to remove. On the inside underneath the top cap you’ll find there’s a rubber gasket on the inside and this is one of those types where you push the top of your e-liquid bottle in and then squeeze your bottle to fill it up. When you still have the 2ml glass though, I'm going to warn you now to not squeeze your bottle too hard and refill too fast because it will try and come back out. I experienced that once and I soon learned my lesson not to do that with the small glass so I would rather warn you in advance before you try to do the same. 

Around the deck itself you have a singular juice control ring which can just be pulled off as It's secured in by o rings at the top and the bottom. The deck itself is a really nice, Easy and quite old school build deck. On the posts you’ll find two allen key screws with Two post holes with a slightly angled hole for easy snipping of your coils legs, Then simply just slot your coil through and bob's your uncle. That's it. It really doesn't need too much explanation but that’s the beauty of it. 

The coil I've been using is a Coils By Scott 0.48ohm Alien which is 2.5mm inner diameter and perfect for RTAs like this. The wicking process is also a rather simple process too thankfully! I use cotton laces by steam crave which makes it even simpler and the entire process is literally a case of passing the cotton lace through (or standard cotton, whichever you are gonna be using) Just snip in line with the outer edge of the deck, Give it a very small amount of fluffing out, Tuck the legs into the wicking ports at the bottom there but don't stuff it in, Pop the juice flow cap back on and that’s it! Minimal hassle!

So we're gonna change the glass which comes apart nice and easily and swap it with the glass extension. There is a little bit of threading at the top of the adapter here as of course we do need the adapter to use this glass extension. The adapter just screws onto the top part of the tank with the knurled part upwards, Get your spare glass, get that pushed on nicely but not too hard as you don't wanna smash it, And that’s that done!

The way liquid is fed to the deck is quite clever as there are holes dotted around the top of the chamber that houses the deck inside, And through these It feeds the liquid all the way through these holes and through a section on the inside that trickles it directly onto your wicks. Rather clever if you ask me. Oh and before I forget, let's change this airflow pin. So all I’m needing to do with these ones is literally just pull it out and I'm going to change that 1.2mm airflow pin for a nice little 2mm one as I prefer it to be slightly more open, And that literally just pushes in with no need to thread it in or anything. I will also mention that on the bottom of the tank itself there is no adjustable airflow. Everything is determined by the height of a coil, How close that is to the airflow pin on the inside, And of course the airflow pin you choose for the bottom. I have my coil so It's literally just poking above that deck and that is working perfectly for the kind of draw I enjoy.

I quite like the way this RTA looks with the extension glass. It's a little bit taller obviously as you've got an extension there but it doesn't look out of place. Of course you can change it out for the stainless steel section if you want and have just a fully stainless look to it but I myself stick with the glass. 

To summarise the BSKR MINI V3 MTL RTA.

What I will say is there's plenty enough to get you started straight from the box. You've got plenty of airflow pins to choose and variate your airflow choice, You’ve got your two drip tips to choose from (The shorter and the longer variants). Different “glass” sections here so you can completely customise the exterior look with your various options. I like the knurling finish around the outside edges that helps to actually take it apart and get some form of grip as If they weren't there, it would be quite a slippery job. The fact that you can use your own 510 drip tips is always a big plus as you can literally use the entirety of your 510 drip tip collection. The overall look of it I actually really like with whatever “glass” section you choose and for the price point of this being more budget friendly, It definitely doesn't feel cheap either thanks to its stainless steel structure. 

So onto the next thing, How is the overall flavour from this tank? I would say the flavour is… good. It's not mind blowing, it's not disappointing which leaves it kind of sat in the middle. You can certainly taste everything that you're supposed to taste in there and I can definitely taste the liquid that I've got in there right now, but for what you are paying, That's plenty good enough! It's definitely better than some other low cost MTL RTAs I've used previously. The airflow however is perfect! If you want a nice tight MTL draw, you're going to be able to get it from this one with the 0.8mm pin, And with the 2mm airflow pin in it is still quite a nice tight draw. I usually like a good RDL draw, but even with it being on the slightly tighter side even for RDL for my tastes… I really don’t hate it. 

So onto the other thing, Why I've chose to use this glass extension and why won't  be using that 2mm stubby glass. There's obviously the thing of squeezing your liquid bottle too hard through those little rubber gaskets at the top there and the liquid coming back up through them, but as long as you're careful I guess you're fine It's just a little bit annoying. For some reason though, The 2ml glass not only decreases the airflow a little bit, But it kind of mutes the flavour and I'm not overly sure as to why this is happening with this even after trying multiple builds, I have had the same issue.

This is the reason why I will be staying away from that stubby glass. It could just be me but worth mentioning. 

Other than the above little issue, I don't really have any other quarrels with it. It's really easy to build on, It's a really easy tank to wick and for the price point, it's a good solid mouth to lung tank, Very well made and you have everything in the box to get started from the get go. A perfect MTL RTA for someone looking to get into them and not splash out too much while keeping the build quality of something that far surpasses its asking price. 

Click on the picture in this blog for a more detailed look into the VANDY VAPE BSKR Mini V3 MTL RTA on our YouTube Channel!

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