Am I Using The Right E-Liquid?

It's a well known fact that the route to getting off of cigarettes and onto vaping can be quite challenging, Especially when it comes to the astronomical amount of choice you have when it comes to vaping whether that is choosing the best device to suit your needs, Or choosing a strength or specific type of [liquid] specifically catered towards a certain type of said device. It's no wonder it can be quite confusing as even vapers that have been using their [kits] for years STILL struggle with choice on what flavour they should go for alone, So you are not alone, Some of these things take a little getting use to to know what is best for what you use.

In this small blog, We will be covering different [VG] and [PG] ratios (Or [e-liquid] thicknesses), Types or “names” of E-Liquid and what devices they are best suited towards as well as types of nicotine available to help the reader decide what is best for you. The goal here being to simplify which type of liquid does what, And what devices they are best suited towards to make it less of an intimidating experience for those that are looking to make the switch, Or alternatively those of you that may want to branch out your vaping journey into something else. So let's not waste any more of your reading time and dive straight into it one step at a time.

Different Thickness’s / Ratios

High VG E-Liquids

To save a huge ramble on about what each and every high VG liquid ratio there is, The High VG label counts toward all E-Liquids with a VG/PG ratio of [70/30] or above. These styles are most often found in [50ml Shortfills] or [100ml Shortfills] and are best suited towards [Sub Ohm] vaping in [Sub Ohm Kits] producing greater clouds and a much warmer vaping experience due to the higher wattage levels these E-Liquids work best with. These are usually a lot  smoother due to the lower [PG] ratio in the mix.

Due to the nature of how these a bottled, A [Shortfill] bottle has space at the top to be able to allow the user the ability to top up the rest of their chosen flavour with a [Nicotine Shot] (More on these in a little bit) up to a maximum strength of [3mg]. Examples great kits to use with these thicker liquids are the [Vaporesso Armour Kit] that comes with a [Sub Ohm Tank], Or even a [Pod] system such as the compact [Voopoo Drag H40] that can do a little bit of everything thanks to the diverse selection of [PnP Replacement Coils] available. These are not recommended for use with lower powered kits.

High PG E-Liquids

The opposite of High VG Liquids, High PG liquids are any liquid with a greater PG ratio than VG with [50/50] (Or lower on the VG amount). These style liquids are often found in smaller [10ml] bottles or [Longfills] which work in a similar way to shortfills but with more space to add greater amounts of nicotine shots to gain a higher strength overall. Due to the thinner nature of this style of liquid, Less power is needed in order for these to function at their best. There are many [Pod Kits] available for this exact style, But there are also [MTL Tanks] that you can use on any device that has a threaded removable tank or as we call it, A 510 pin.

These thinner liquids are mostly found in [Nic Salt] variety in either [10mg] or [20mg] strengths but there are [50/50 Shortfill] options available for those of you that require a lower nicotine strength. Thankfully most manufacturers such as [Supergood] and [Wick Liquor] release a Nic Salt range alongside a Shortfill release at the same time to cater for all needs and not single out any area of the market. Be aware even on lower nicotine levels, Because of the higher PG amount, You will still receive a slight throat hit. These are not recommended for use with high powered kits as if used with said kit, This can cause leaking problems. Examples of great kits to use for these liquids are the [Uwell Caliburn AZ3 Kit] or if you want to be able to adjust your power on the device to suit your needs exactly, The [OXVA Xlim SQ Pro Kit] is perfect for this. 

Nic Salts - What Are They?

Nicotine Salt Liquids were brought into the industry the year of 2016 as a way of giving the user higher strengths of nicotine, While at the same time reducing the throat hit and improving the overall flavour of said higher strength liquids. The great thing with Nic Salts should you require to use them is that regardless of your desired strength, The flavour remains unaffected even at its highest amount. This has made this type of nicotine in particular incredibly popular within the community and is mostly preferred over freebase, Which is what was originally used in higher strength liquids but left a slight aftertaste taking away from the flavours enjoyability itself.

Nic Salts are found in [10ml] bottles and are available in various strengths with [20mg] being the maximum. The process of creating this form of nicotine is rather scientific with the process involving recharging nicotine particles found in benzoic acid to revert the nicotine itself back to its original form. Sounds complicated and of course strength varies from person to person in terms of what they require, But just know it means smoother high strengths with nicer overall flavour then you'll be golden!

Overall Summary

So to round it all up, Thicker liquids are better for a more direct to lung experience called Sub Ohm vaping, Whereas Thinner liquids are better for a Mouth To Lung experience for greater strengths to simulate a similar sensation to that of a cigarette. Hopefully this little blog will allow you a bit more piece of mind and direction when it comes to picking what is best for your specific device of choice!

If you found this still slightly confusing and have any further questions on what would suit your chosen device more, Please feel free to email us a, And we will be more than happy to assist you on your options. 

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