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For the longest time, There was a bit of a problem when it came to sorting yourself out a decent amount of e-liquid for a pod kit that was in a lower strength. These days you seem to have to hunt for 50/50 liquid to use in your favourite little all day carry that isnt of a higher strength be that a 10mg or 20mg and very few these days make anything 5mg in the Nic Salt format as well as freebase becoming increasingly more rare. Smaller freebase or no nic liquids were also becoming increasingly more difficult to find, Making it difficult to variate the strength of your e-liquids to suit your needs, Often vaping higher strengths than you in fact need to.

Thankfully though this problem is slowly but surely being alleviated now with larger shortfill bottles being produced in 50/50 ratios to cater for those of us that still use pod kits or even AIO's with the ability to choose the exact strength that we want as users. And now it's the turn of the folk at Doozy with the release of their Pod Fill 100ml Shortfill range with a variety of 10 different flavours! After 2 weeks of solid testing, It's now time to take a deep dive into each flavour and tell you lovely people what's what! Let's get into it!

What kind’s of flavours are we looking at here?

The Seriously Pod Fill line up is filled with mostly fruit combinations with the two flavours differing from the rest with a touch of Mint with Lemon and Mint as well as the solidly refreshing addition of Spearmint welcomely thrown into the mix. Don’t judge this as the exact same as you’ve tasted previously though as these are FAR from the same with flavours such as Blue Pear bringing a refreshing new take on adventurous flavour creation, As well as Banana Mandarin with its surprising citrus edge peeking through and balancing everything together nicely.

Not only are these flavours as far away from the repeated recipes some manufacturers seem to be aiming towards currently, But they are formulated as a Double Concentrated e-liquid to deliver maximum flavour production and perfect for chucking in your Pod Kit, AIO or MTL Tank. People often enjoy disposables for the reason being that the flavour is incredibly strong and impactful due to them being double concentrated, But thanks to Doozy and the new Pod Fill line up also being Double Concentrated you get far much more for your purchase in terms of both flavour and refill amounts. Doozy were definitely onto something with the creation of these!

 Let's get into the good bit!

Banana Mandarin

Before I even get into this one here, Please know I am rarely the type of person to actively seek out a banana flavour as it's not one of my favourites to put it kindly being that most banana flavours I have tried previously are all MEGA overpowering with the Banana in it. I will say though that this one legitimately surprised me. The perfect balance of both the Banana and slight citrus kick of mandarin come through incredibly nicely with not one flavour overpowering the other at all. The exhale is where it all comes together for me with the inclusion of that mandarin really sealing the deal ACTUALLY making this a flavour that I will surprisingly pick up again!

Blackcurrant Passion

I always find that if I need a complete reset of the taste buds, Either a chilling menthol or a properly strong blackcurrant menthol combination is the way to do it… But that “reset” would be all I would purchase them for. This was however until I discovered this absolute taste of heaven in a bottle! The combination of both the blackcurrant and that exotic twang of passionfruit has had me racing through the bottle I have been testing without a single regret. It is insanely refreshing without having too much of a ice effect to give you a brain freeze and is more of a fridge fresh kind of cold which is ideal for this flavour. BIG Recommendation from myself with this one! 

Blood Orange Pineapple

Truth be told, I have quite a soft spot for any flavour which features any sort of blood orange in it so I had zero doubt in my mind as to whether I was going to enjoy this one. The blood orange featured within this is perfectly balanced out by the authentic and tropical taste of juicy pineapple. This flavour is a legitimately mouthwatering experience when they pair up on the exhale and yet again evenly mixed so that not one flavour is overtaking the other when vaped. An incredibly satisfying zesty flavour and another I highly recommend from the line up. I recommend it so much so, That I barely have any left in my own bottle!

Blue Pear

Now THIS is not a combination of flavours that you see everyday but admittedly it manages to work incredibly well. As you may already be able to tell by the name, This flavour features the increasingly popular flavour of Blue Raspberry at its base and is combined with the smooth yet sweet taste of Pear. I would say 8 out of 10 times when you get pear flavour featured in most e-liquids it will end up tasting somewhat like pear drops, Which is okay to some but not if you are simply looking for an authentic taste of the fruit itself… This is the latter with it being a nice realistic tasting pear undertone. Where this isn't PERFECTLY balanced, The pear DOES bring something out of the taste of the Blue Raspberry that when vaped is genuinely quite extraordinary and nothing like other flavours of its calibre. A really nice change from the same old same olds I've tried recently.

Cherry Twist

Cherry flavours to me can usually be quite a hit and miss for manufacturers to get right with some tasting chemically or just not at all like the cherry we want. Alas this couldn't be further from the truth with this one and has more of a sweet or candy style cherry taste to it with a concoction of mixed berries thrown in for good measure making sure that everything on the exhale leaves you salivating and wishing for this to be drip fed this onto your wicks at all times! What's nice is that although this is a nicely balanced but sweet vaping experience, I noticed zero drop in my coil life whatsoever having been tested on both stock and handmade coils. It is difficult for us vapers to find the right balance of sweet with any kind of flavour out there but I believe this mix HAS that correct formula to it with the unexpected bonus of being kind to coils. Bravo Doozy!

Fresh Pineapple

Think of this. You’ve taken yourself to the supermarket and picked yourself up a carton of Pineapple juice straight from the shelf, Then you get home a pop home and pop it straight in the fridge to chill. The experience that you would receive from this very action alone is exactly that of popping this into whatever device or pod kit you have chosen to use and vaping it. It's quite extraordinarily accurate on its taste with myself not having experienced something quite so accurately representing pineapple as this before. It literally tastes like Pineapple. Not a pineapple sweet, Or some kind of cocktail… It's just a really pleasant pineapple flavour. Zero cons to be found here as a lover of the fruit itself.

Lemon Mint

Telling the honest truth, This one genuinely scared me at the initial thought of vaping this as a combination. Never in a million years would I pair these two ingredients and think anything good would come of it, But upon first vape though I instantly realised how WRONG I was. The flavour combination here has unlocked some kind of nostalgic memory of times past however and combined together on the exhale, Tastes NOTHING like I would have thought it would. It's not something I have experienced previously and while it may sound odd, The fresh mint and citrus from the lemon taste both compliment each other incredibly well! I strongly urge you to simply get this to give it a go. My bets are that you will be wildly surprised as much as I was.  

Strawberry Raspberry 

Oh my word I don’t even know where to begin with this one other than saying quite simply… WOW! A genuinely well thought out and balanced blend of the two flavours. Usually I find a lot of companies can throw the balance completely off by adding a little too much of one over the other but both the strawberry and raspberry in this one come through at EXACTLY the same time and give one of the nicest exhales I have experienced from this combination before. It's not overly sweet at all and really is a delightfully smooth vape. For fans of either of these fruits individually or combined, I would swipe some of this up to try for yourself.


This one, although the simplest in its named flavour siblings in the range, Is actually a really pleasant Spearmint flavour and not as simple while actually vaping it as you may think. Yes it is exactly what it says it is on the bottle, But to each individual I've passed my pod kits over to with this in, Its slightly different. Some get the soft mint experience from it, others get the extra strong mint from it and then a couple stated they had a spearmint chewing gum kind of taste. One thing we each agreed on is that this is a pleasant and not overpowering experience and that for people that don't usually aim to vape ANYTHING in the mint category… But this will now remain a part of their rotation for good!

Watermelon Lemonade

A taste of summer in a bottle. Watermelon flavours always seem to remind me of the warmer seasons and this one is no exception. There are MANY watermelon flavours out there that get the flavour or ingredients wrong to recreate an authentic tasting flavour of the fruit, But this literally tastes like watermelon juice that has been squeezed or infused into a nice zesty lemonade with all the bubbles on the exhale! A genuinely pleasant experience and remarkably well blended to not overpower one another. This one is also incredibly kind on coils too while maintaining sweetness without being overly sweet. Amazing stuff!

Overall Summary

The Pod Fill range has genuinely been a really nice series of flavours to test out. Not once have I felt the need to put any of my testing devices down at any point because I've felt overwhelmed or overpowered by any of these 10 flavours. All fruit flavours are really well balanced and to even find a mint or menthol styled flavour that I enjoyed as part of my rotation is a welcome change as its changed my thought process when I am eyeing up flavours online and making me think that maybe I was wrong all this time.

If you are looking for a little something new for your pod systems or whatever it is you use your thinner ratio liquids into, I genuinely recommend giving any or all of this line up a go!

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