VEEPON TITA X RDTA - Have Veepon Done It Again?

In recent times Veepon have come into the industry at full speed with rather impressive additions to the AIO and Boro/RBA sides of the market. For a manufacturer that has only been established since the middle of 2021, They have already made quite the name for themselves and easily sit at the same levels as Dotmod as well as Vandy Vape with their Pulse AIO series of devices. To bring such standards in such a short amount of time is quite an impressive feat!

We are here not too long after the release of the fantastic KUKA and are now looking at rather nicely designed new boro RBA in the form of the TITA X RDTA and although it is absolutely a looker in terms of aesthetics, Does it also perform as it should with those stainless steel mesh gauze to aid the wicking process and those different top caps for airflow?

Let's have a look into this a little closer together as we take a deep dive into this rather innovative looking piece of kit! Click on the “Play” button on the image below to take you to our in depth look at the Veepon TITA X RDTA.




Disclaimer:  Please Be Aware That These Videos May Contain Adult Content/ Language, And Viewers Must be 21 years of age or older. This Video Has Been Created For educational purposes only.

Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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