What Are Some Of The Best Custard Flavour E-Liquids?

If you are new to vaping it may come as quite the surprise to you that this flavour is a thing, However those of us that have been doing this a while have experienced when there was a slow but steady change in the industry when it comes to how adventurous e-liquid manufacturers became with their flavours. The adventurous mixologists across multiple brands would not just put their efforts into mixing different fruits, sweets and sodas to create something unique, But a good few would focus on one flavour in particular and even make specific ranges based around it. One of these flavours in particular is the dessert lovers staple, And that such flavour is custard.

When I personally started vaping and using dessert based flavours, It was around the same period of time as when I discovered RDA’s and Mechanical mods so it instantly fascinated me just how close to the real thing these custards could get when a lot of power had been focused through the atomiser giving off the “warm” taste of custards and other desserts after. A fair amount of time has passed since then and manufacturers have focused a lot on how to formulate all flavours to taste exactly the same no matter what power you're using the liquids through, While also delving into the many additions that can be added into their flavours. In this blog we will be taking a look into what are in my personal opinion some of the best custards I have had the pleasure of vaping. 

Some of these you may not agree with as vaping is all subjective, But that is more than okay as the aim of these blogs is to potentially direct people to at the very least of one new flavour to try and if they enjoy it, That's a bonus to have guided one person to discover something new! So without wasting any more time and in no particular order... Let's get into it! 

The Kings Custard - English Toffee OG

As far as custards are concerned, The Kings Custard Definitely know what they are doing when it comes to authentically creating that sweet creamy taste of custard in a wonderfully homemade style, Which those of you who enjoy your custard in real life know that homemade is hard to beat and these guys replicate that flawlessly! I've tried each and every one of this range so this was an incredibly hard choice for myself personally to pick just one of them to put in this list, But I did finally come to a conclusion with that conclusion being English Toffee OG. It features the same impeccably crafted base of OG Custard, But chucks in the delicious edge of old school English toffee that adds a whole entire edge to this flavour on the exhale… And my word is it ever good! I've used this flavour in multiple tanks and kits with no matter what I've put this flavour through it tasting as good as the last. Truly remarkable stuff!

Yorkshire Vaper The Gaffer - Orange

It's common knowledge by now that when The Yorkshire Vaper set their minds on creating a range, That they have always done so with meticulous attention to detail with their ingredients of choice. I've enjoyed many of their dessert focused ranges including the DOE NUTZ and Home Slice line ups with both complete line ups taking over my entire e-liquid stash cupboard at one point, And The Gaffer range was no different. Although it was no different however there was one flavour in particular that held me tight at the taste buds and wouldn't let go to the point where for 3 months straight I was only vaping this one flavour exclusively with that flavour being Orange. I don’t know exactly why this flavour hits completely different to me over the rest of the line up, But I can tell you that it just does and features just about the right measurement of every flavour within it which on both the inhale and exhale is an experience that will never get old. The authentic taste of custard balances wonderfully with the zesty undertones of orange perfectly creating something legitimately extraordinary in my opinion and a flavour I highly recommend to all custard lovers out there!

Supergood - Butter 02.

Yet another flavour for myself that was one of the easiest to put in this list as I knew upon this blog's creation that this was going to be in here. I have enjoyed many Supergood flavours in my time from both the butter and cocktail range but I have to say this one flavour kept me in the butter range for a lot longer than the cocktails wonderfully fruity range did. There really is nothing quite like this flavour that I have tried in my opinion and dont think it could ever be replicated by anyone else. Butter 02 is a mixture of thick creamy custard with biscuit and jam finished with fluffy layers of meringue. Just by the description here alone it has my mouth watering! I have used this in both its Nic Salt form and Shortfill forms and can tell you that neither tastes any different from the other. Sometimes a flavour can be slightly different in salt form for obvious reasons, But this one is just as remarkably good in both variants with every single individual ingredient balancing perfectly with the sweet taste of Jam hovering ever so slightly above with the custard. It's honestly so damn good, It's just as well it says supergood to describe it on the box! Do yourself a favour honestly and grab yourself a bottle. You wont regret it! 

Cuttwood Grand Reserve - Vanilla Custard Tobacco

Yep, You read that correctly.. There is a flavour I have picked for this line up on my own accord that features tobacco. For those of you that know or don't know, I do not enjoy tobacco flavours in the slightest and no matter how hard I have tried even when switching from smoking to vaping completely, I'd urge literally just trying the smallest vape on it. This Vanilla Custard Tobacco by Cuttwood in the grand reserve range was actually tried without knowing it contained tobacco on one of my friends mechanical mod set ups, And it wasn't until he told me it contained it after that it left me utterly speechless. The tobacco is there, But it is the ever so slight undertone and paired with the creamy vanilla custard has a remarkable exhale with everything combining together. If you like me do not like your tobacco flavours as a rule but do in fact also enjoy custards, I urge you to try this one.

Future Juice - Butterscotch Custard

I swear that Future Juice have some kind of wizard amongst their mixology team. There are flavours in the future juice catalogue that you wouldn't believe were humanly possible to replicate in a vapable format like the insane Cereal & Milk and all its variants that quite admittedly I've had the biggest soft spot for since trying. I have indeed tried most of the Future Juice ranges and as one of the custard flavours in their line up, This one has to get a mention as honestly it is one of the few moreish vaping experiences I've had the pleasure of enjoying in my full 7 years of vaping. Each element of the Butterscotch Custard flavour comes through so thick and intense it's hard not to fill every device I own with it, With one of the creamier and well balanced exhales in this blogs list itself. The richness of the butterscotch pairs seamlessly with the sweetness of the custard coming together to create this flavour, And making it one of my top 3 custards of all time. Give it a go and thank me later!

Doozy Vape - Liquid Gold

The very first time I tried this flavour was when I was trying to be a little bit more experimental in what I was choosing to vape and very close to the beginning of when I first tried dessert style flavours in general. The fact I already trusted Doozy with having tried Pink Haze and adoring it only made sense to me that I delved further into their line up, Which is when I stumbled across Golden Elixir. The very time I stumbled upon this flavour I was using a Hammer Of God with an Asgard RDA and some rather rowdy coils which added to the warmth of the whole experience of this rather special flavour. This flavour features prominent notes of thick vanilla custard with incredibly balanced undertones of crumbly pastry, cream and a light drizzling of syrup. Vaped at higher wattages this flavour has an incredible amount of depth with the ability to pick out each individual flavour note on the exhale perfectly. This is definitely something that needs to be experienced by all dessert lovers out there and not to be missed out on.

Vapetasia - Killer Kustard

There is a reason this flavour is a legitimate award winner. The original taste of custard in all its glory without the need to add any fruits or tobacco, Just back to basics but in the most unbasic and magnificent way possible. I first tried this when I was first dabbling through desserts at the start of my dessert flavour hunt, And when I stumbled across this one I was still going through my “all power” phase of vaping everything I had to the top of its capacity and enjoying a really warm vape. You can imagine when I tried this on a high wattage how it went, And if not I can tell you… It felt like I just nabbed a spoonful of legitimate warm custard but instead of eating, I was vaping it! It literally blew my mind and I think as much as I like the custard concoctions out there that I will always come back to the original taste of custard, And this is one of the best in my opinion. Wonderfully sweet, extra creamy and no messing. Just how a custard should be!

And there we go, That about wraps up this blog on the best custard flavours in my personal opinion that everyone who is into dessert styled flavours NEED’S to try! There are of course many custard flavours out there now and some that even I myself have not tried so if I have managed to miss any please let me know in the comments section below the blog and It may even make its way into this list. Thank you very much for reading and catch you in the next blog!

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