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Why do disposable flavours taste so different to a pod kit?

The popularity of disposables is at an all time high and with all the variants and different flavours out there, Bottled E-Liquid manufacturers have now been trying to replicate these flavours. While they do get pretty close to the mark, They aren’t quite the same.

So why is this? To answer this, Let’s discuss more about each.

Why is the flavour in my disposable is stronger than my pod?


Big disposable manufacturers like Elf Bar and Lost Mary have flavours that are exclusive to them. They are flavours that you simply will not find unless it is with one of these particular devices.

Disposables also heavily rely on the flavour being extra punchy and captivating the user, So to help with this - these flavours are over concentrated and created to be extra strong. To further the strength of flavour to the consumer they are also packed with sweeteners. And Even though the coil inside a disposable will not enjoy this, By the end of the disposables lifespan, It won’t matter how clogged up and horrible the coil is as you’re only using it once.

Another factor here is that most disposable flavours out there (I’d say at least 85-90%) involve using some kind of cooling effect or flavouring in their recipe whether it’s menthol, koolada or WSS23. These are pretty standard in the world of ingredients for E-Liquid anyway but it gives the feeling of receiving a better hit from disposables.

They are made this way as being aimed towards smokers, It is common knowledge now that smokers do suffer from flavour loss. Creating disposables that are extra strong in their flavour means they can use and taste these without problem. This will in the manufacturers mind, help the customer to quit smoking and move to their products.

So what’s different in a normal bottle of E-Liquid?

Manufacturers of bottled E-liquids tend to stay away from using too much in the way of sweeteners and over saturating their product with concentrates as standard practice. If they do use any sweeteners at all they find a way to use it more sparingly as using too much sweetener does tend to destroy coils and will frustrate the user. They understand this as mixologists and know that a coil killing liquid is far more likely to deter returning customers as they will spend more money on coils using their liquid which will affect business. This means using bottled E-liquids EVEN in salt form will have your coils last longer as a huge benefit in savings.

You can get pretty damn close to the taste and hit of a disposable with having a fairly Iced up nicotine salt E-Liquid and the correct strength and save money doing so. We will definitely be sharing the savings you can make on another blog so stay tuned for that!

To summarise it all…

Whatever keeps you from those pesky cigarettes and has you vape more, It is definitely doing the right thing and 100% a better alternative to smoking.

The best way however to save over time (and noticeably at that) is to switch to a simple to use pod system, With a nicotine salt that best matches what you enjoy in said disposable. Worried about set up and correct coil priming? We're here every step of the way! There is no such thing as a silly question in this industry!

Written by Samuel Adams

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