What Is the big deal with AIO’s?

AIO devices have increased in popularity majorly in more recent times and have taken the industry by storm with a lot of different company’s joining in with their own take one what an AIO symbolises to them. But why the sudden boom in popularity?

Let’s take a deep dive into this together and go through what’s what, Why I believe the popularity is there and why I truly believe they aren’t going anywhere all too soon!

Where it all began.

Let’s start at the beginning of the chain with the Billet Box. At the time of release in 2013 there was nothing quite like this piece of kit. It was during time when most people out there only used Ego pen kits to go about their days and quit smoking. The Billet Box soon created a following in the term of hobbyists and in terms of quality nothing would match this for some time. Going forward a few years later innovation in hardware came and so did the 2016 edition of the Billet Box the REV 4.

The REV 4 featured a DNA60 Chipset and was now powered by an 18650 battery compared to the 2013 version that was powered by 16340 batteries (if you haven’t heard of these, They are long gone from circulation in the industry by now).
What IS the big deal with AIO’s?

The REV 4 Sparked something new with a more open and easier accessible Boro style of tank, finer adjustments to power and battery life due to the DNA chip and a lot easier of a design for third party company’s and modders to start creating parts for this awesome device. From doors to buttons, Drip tips to bridge systems for both stock and rebuildable variety’s… THIS is where it all started to get really interesting. And the very beginning of innovative and customisable AIO systems began.

Where it all changed.

Since then the ever growing pod system has boomed with there being countless variations out there and In 2019 there was a huge demand for small regulated devices in the market. Even years on the REV 4 Billet Box held its popularity and regained momentum in sales in 2019 due to this sudden boom. Through the months though, Other companies would now start to release their version of what they felt an AIO should be. SunBox, BMM and Friendly Flipper released Boro tank compatible devices.

Through time, More and more consumers wanted to dip their toes into the AIO scene. With their immensely customisable nature both aesthetically, The diversity of use with MTL and RDL and immense community desire behind it, It was difficult not to be interested or intrigued by these creations. This is when more companies came through with their own AIOs but on a much more affordable level. Dotmod, Vandy Vape, Cthulhu Mods even Aspire collaborating WITH Sunbox themselves made the affordable AIO a reality. And this leads us to where we are now with a huge amount of variety and options!

Is it just a phase?

Short answer to the above here, No. I truly don’t believe this is a phase. Us vapers are a demanding bunch and we always want the very best of the best but alongside this, To have the value for money aspect of a product at the same time. I honestly believe that a lot of these AIOs give us ALL of that and more!

There are now more modders than ever helping us to create unique AIOs from the available kits out there and continue to do so with practically 90% of newer kits being covered allowing us to have our own personal touches to what we use daily.

There are many companies diving fully into this market with offerings now being able to deliver a device that can truly do EVERYTHING you would want your device to do. MTL, RDL and now even DL with both rebuildable and stock coil options are all available for the user to pick and choose what they want from their device. We are now no longer limited to needing separate devices when the AIO truly lives up to what it is… an ALL IN ONE. In my opinion this makes AIOs the single most desirable kits out there right now. This most certainly is not a phase.

To round it all up…

I am really looking forward to seeing what the industry has to offer us next with these devices. Even now there are further innovations in most AIOs that get released with improvements in each one and even more options for the Boro tanks that go with them. We now have Single 18650, Dual 18650, Single 21700 as available options too so we can pick and choose an AIO to truly fit our lifestyle in every way.

We are probably seeing the most innovation we have seen in our beloved industry on a single device type for some time. And I for one am Definitely here for it!

Written by Samuel Adams

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