Hellvape Fusion R Kit - Does this reinvent the wheel for pod systems?

We've seen many in different shapes and sizes of pod style devices each with different capabilities. So how does hellvape's Fusion R kit size up to the rest of the competition?


HELLVAPE FUSION R - A Perfect Daily Carry With Impressive Flavour!

You will be firstly greeted by a nice simple box design that mimics the pattern on the device itself. The device features a 800mah built-in battery, adjustable airflow, type C charging, Along with a host of protections in the chip itself giving you piece of mind and definitely a bonus to see on a small pod system.

Inside the box you’ll find an instruction manual, a lanyard, A type C U S B cable. And then of course the fusion R itself. I’ve been testing the gold colour, but there is plenty of different colors to choose from and as they say Variety is the spice of life! the USB C charging port is on the bottom which would annoy some people, but it doesn't really bother me too much. As you slowly move the device in your hands you will see the kit has a shiny finish that actually surprisingly is not a fingerprint magnet. On the front and rear you have the Hellvape logo and fusion R on the other side, but you also have a slight matte effect with the shiny pattern, which is rather a nice touch. simple but elegant.

There's the battery indicator light under the airflow adjustment. Although you have airflow adjustment, you do kind of have to put a nail in it to move it as it can be a bit stiff at times.
Not a major negative, but something I have to mention.
Ecigone Hellvape Fusion R Kit - Does this reinvent the wheel for pod systems?
Now onto the pods themselves. If you turn the pod ever so slightly, you will see that it is a side filling pod. Not just that though. If you look a bit closer, the Ohms are actually on the rubber plug, which is slightly different because cause you usually see it on the bottom or on the coil itself inside. Beyond the rubber plug it's a rather generously sized filling port as well and it's not a pain to refill at all. It also has a nice little bit of extra material to grab onto to help pull out the plug to refill. Quite a standard looking mouthpiece but it is comfortable, And If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Rather strong magnets will see you pod snapping straight into place with no worries on it falling out in a hurry.

So… how does it perform? What is it like? Let's start off with the size. It is pretty small. It's nice and comfortable. It has a okay weight to it, a nice balanced vaping experience, and is actually quite comfortable to use. It’s also incredibly easy to fill. I've had zero condensation on the inside here, so I've literally not had to clean up the inside at all which is a HUGE bonus! Other than it being a little tight to move, The way that you can open and close the airflow system means you can tailor your vaping experience to kind of what you want it to be. Whether that's a tighter mouth to lung draw or a more restricted direct draw, which is how I personally like to vape it.
A Slight disadvantage with the kit is that I only got the one coil in the box.

One thing I have to comment on with these pods is that the flavour is genuinely outstanding. You get every single note of the liquid that you've got in there, so no disappointments there. Performance wise, I find the 0.8Ohm pods last roughly about a week and a half, Which is about the life do you expect from a mesh pod.

Battery life from that little 800mah battery is decent enough. I've seen myself get a full day's use out of it easily.

Is this reinventing the wheel for pod systems? No, it's it's not, but that's not a bad thing!

What it does is it does what a pod is supposed to do and it does it really damn well! The Fusion R is a great pod system and one I would highly recommend to current pod or even disposable users as a cheaper way to vape higher nicotine doses and 50/50 liquids.


Written by Samuel Adams

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