Vekto Coil Building Tool Kit - Unexpected Innovation.. In A Tool Kit!

The one thing we see in the industry is of course innovations in starter kits, pod kits and AIO’s etc. You would kind of come to expect this given that these are the most used things in the market itself by the customer. But I think anyone would be surprised among the DIY coil builders out there to hear that there has been a surprising movement in a physical Tool Kit in terms of handy innovations that could be used by many!

In this little blog we are going to be taking a look at the brand new Vekto Coil Building Tool Kit, And why this could well be that the rebuilding community has been waiting for all in one incredibly well designed package.

Where did the idea behind this come from?

It was back in the year of 2017 when the folks at Graph-X were getting increasingly fed up with the abysmal standards of build kits that were getting released out into the world. The experiences with shoddy easily blunted or broken tools as well as horrifically designed carry cases for it all had pushed them to the point of drastically wanting to do something about the whole situation… And that was pretty much the starting point and idea behind the Vekto kit!

Graph-X saw to redesign the very way that the tool kit was to be looked at and conceived to create THE kit of all kits. Every minute detail has been meticulously thought through from the ground up by eradicating all that was wrong with previous tool kits of the industry and going from there ensuring that everything was designed and manufactured in house right here in the UK with every part and tool within it being meticulously crafted to be as tough as humanly possible for the task at hand.

What do you get with the Vekto Coil Building Tool Kit?

With this kit you do get a whole lot for your money. If we start from the case itself, It is absolutely one of the toughest tool kit cases i've come across in my time and also has built in cotton storage as well as wire storage in the form of a spool reel… In a damn tool kit! It's not normally something you come to think about when choosing a build kit, But let's say you are someone who likes to tinker around with their coils in their RDA or whatnot when you're out at an event for the night, Or simply away for a work trip.. Any situation close to these then you're going to want to pack light but exactly what you need with nothing more. The Vekto is absolutely perfect for these sorts of problems as it allows you to pack exactly what you need, Especially if you wrap your own coils as your an OG that still carries round wire or pre built wire spools around (I know many that still do), Then you have enough hidden storage in the bottom cap to keep exactly what you need on your person at all times without having to physically lose a whole spool or pack of cotton.

To carry on with the list of benefits from just the packaging alone, If you are in fact the type of person who takes a tool kit out and about with you or even if not, Those silly elastic straps that hold your tools together aren't always the strongest and will eventually break to the point its functionality is non existent which is INCREDIBLY frustrating. Thankfully there is no worries of that happening with the Vekto in the slightest thanks to the incredibly well designed synthetic rubber sleeve. It's not the kind of rubber you're going to be able to snap either as this sleeve is also incredibly tough and holds every single piece of your kit firmly in position. There is zero chance of randomly opening your tool kit one day and having a random screwdriver or snips fall out with this one! The best bit is that it's not an absolutely enormous kit either in terms of its physical size even with having literally everything you need to build your perfect coil included. In terms of what is actually in the kit, There are 3 x flat head bits, 4 phillips head bits and 5 hex head bits which have all been manufactured using hardened still to maximise durability with each piece all individually marked with their sizes allowing you to know exactly what you used and for what. You also get a pair of superbly sharp wire cutters, some pliers, the essential ceramic tweezers, a wire brush, extra sharp folding scissors, the screwdriver body itself for all those bits mentioned above as well as a cleverly designed coiling tool including 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm coiling rods. Each tool has been carefully designed and manufactured to fit both your specific needs as well as keeping things compact and durable enough to be the only tool kit you will ever need!

To summarise the Vekto Coil Building Tool Kit

Although there are many tool kits out there, I don't think I have ever come across as complete of a solution as this. Every single item within the Vekto tool kit has been finished to an incredibly high quality that you wouldn't necessarily notice in other tool kits out there. The whole idea of the kit and how everything fits here is phenomenally well thought out and once it's all sat in front of you, Every single aspect of it just makes sense. The Vekto will honestly make you wonder why no one else has thought of this before and the simple answer is, No one has put so much care and attention into each individual aspect of a tool kit as this and probably never will do. The innovations utilised in the design of this tool kit for storage are truly phenomenal and I honestly never thought I would say the words “innovation” and “tool kit” in the same sentence, But how times have changed!

This kit is absolutely essential to those of you who have a wide collection of RTA’s, RDA’s and RBA’s to tend to and beyond worth the investment. The one tool kit to rule them all!

For a full breakdown of the Vekto Coil Building Tool Kit, Be sure to check the Video on our Youtube Channel.

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