Now It’s probably a well known fact by now if you have watched any of my previous videos on this channel regarding OXVA products, That I am quite partial to them and what they endlessly deliver to us as users. I've never found a single released product from them that has let me down in terms of how they perform or indeed the overall quality. From the interesting elegance and simplicity of the ONEO Pod Kit, The ease of use found with the original XLIM Pro Pod Kit, The insane flavour production of their entire range of OXVA Coils and Pods as well as the subtle but well thought out tweaks they make to them enabling everything to be that bit easier for us.

When I originally first saw the design of this new Pro variant, It immediately intrigued me as to how it would be in person. Now I have managed to get my hands on its physical release, How will the newest “pro” of the XLIM series perform compared to the last? 

Let us take a look together as we dive straight into the OXVA XLIM SQ Pro Pod Kit

Click on the “play button” on the above image to learn more about this device.

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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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