Smoant Knight 40 Kit - Is this the Multi Tasking Master Pod Kit?

Many companies have released a device that promises to do a little bit of everything, So when Smoant released the Knight 40 promising to do just that, it had me curious. But can it do it all AND do it well? There's only one way to find out!
SMOANT KNIGHT 40! The Return Of The Knight! Does It Measure Up!?

Let’s get to the first impressions with The box firstly. A nice technological themed simple sleeved box design that’s neither garish or in your face. Nice and effectively eye catching. There are a few snippets of information on the front and as always on the back. The box beneath said sleeve just has the Smoant label on top. The color I received is the gun metal color, but there are a few other colors available.

Inside the box you will get an instruction manual complete with illustrations, A little quality certificate, a warranty card, a spare 1.10 Ohm mouth to lung coil, a USB C cable and of course the main event itself, The Knight 40 kit.

I'll get straight to the point here and I will tell you that I really, really like the look of this device with different mixtures of colors and materials that just make the whole device pop out and stand out from a lot of other devices out there in my opinion. Huge bonus here with the USB charging port being on the side of the device, So never any need to lay it down. Turning the device on. You can see that it's got quite a small screen but by no means is it dimly lit. Even with that shiny surface, it's nicely visible. The button rocker to change your wattage up and down is nice and clicky as is the power button itself.
Ecigone Smoant Knight 40 Kit - Is this the Multi Tasking Master Pod Kit?
Clicking the power button three times will allow you to change from variable wattage to a curve mode, which is quite a handy addition for those that enjoy fully customising the initial user experience of their device. Holding the up and down rocker on both sides will allow you to lock the device so you can't change the wattage or power it and of course you press and hold them again to unlock it. On the bottom of the device there’s a nice amount of battery ventilation. That most of the device spoken for so let's take a closer look at the pod.

Probably the first thing you're going to notice is that it looks ummm… a little bit different in shape. The airflow adjustment is on the top of the pod as you can see and although it's easy enough to adjust, it's got the right amount of resistance to not freely adjust in your pocket. This is the stage I have to address something I’m not overly keen on, The position of the filling port. Refilling and removal of the rubber plug can be a little bit awkward and fiddly, However once the rubber plug is eventually removed you'll see that the filling port is a generous enough size. It’s mostly the opening that plug that can sometimes be a small pain.

Coils are easy enough to take out and install. You do so by carefully unscrewing the golden part from the bottom of your coil. When you chuck the coil away be sure to keep the gold bit as you’ll need this. With the fresh coil handy and the gold piece, you just gently screw it back on. Then all that’s left is to simply push the coil back into the pod to install. It's as easy as that!

So let’s get to the nitty gritty. What do I think of this kit? The promise with this device is that it can do a little bit of everything and in my humble opinion, it most certainly can! I've tried each of the three coils that I was provided with (DL, RDL and MTL) As well as the pre-installed one AND the RBA, and I'm happy to report that it's all good! For EVERY single coil. Flavour is excellent, the durability is spot on with each of them lasting a week to a week and a half per coil. Zero complaints!

The flavor I received from the RBA and again I was rather impressed with it again albeit having a slightly more fiddly build deck. I used the Kanthal wire that was supplied in with the RBA box and the build came to around 0.7 Ohms - 0.72 Ohms, And it was a lovely vape at around 12 to 13 watts. I wouldn't be expecting to get a full direct lung vape out of this, But for the flavour it creates in that little deck it is a very welcome addition to this kit. Highly recommend it if you do your rebuilding stuff!

The usage of the device itself? Well I’ll start with a big pro in that the shape isn't a cumbersome shape at all. It's nice and easy to hold, nice and easy to use when you actually use the fire button or adjust your wattage as the buttons aren't too far apart. This makes it nice and easy to just literally turn the mod slightly to the edge and then you can adjust everything just from a simple movement. The 1500Mah internal battery on this thing lasts a solid amount of time too. Most of the time I got a solid two days out of this before I was even thinking that it needed a charge. Even with the direct lung going closer to that 40 watt mark, it was still lasting me a day and a half.

It's not an over the top cloud chasing device, but the flavor that you get from this is solid! Every accent of whatever flavour you chose to go into the pod will be picked up whatever liquid you throw at it.

Very little in the way of any issues with this kit with the only notable issue being the filling port position which personally, I won’t be losing sleep over…. I'm going to have to say that I highly recommend the Knight 40 kit! An incredibly well rounded kit that will do everything you need and do so VERY well, While lasting you the entire day and then some!


Written by Samuel Adams

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