Cthulhu 850 RBA - High end quality that won't break the bank !

We do enjoy the high quality low cost accessories that Cthulhu release to the vaping world. The engineering in their finished products is always and without fail top class. Baring this in mind though, Can they do it yet again with the 850 RBA? Well let's have a look.

What’s in the box?

The box that your receive your 850 RBA in is almost reminiscent of a high class jewellery box. Green box and a gold inlay on the branding to give a high quality feel before you’ve even opened the box itself. If you remove this cardboard sleeve surround the box and look on the back it will actually tell you a few little things about the RBA itself, including what comes with it inside and the fact that it is actually designed more for a restrictive direct lung and direct lung vaping experience. 

Inside the box you will find a piece of paper with a picture of the RBA itself broken down with every little individual part that comes inside it, A bag with spare green gasket, spare green plugs, some O-rings, some screws, and an Allen key, and four airflow pins. There is one pre-installed in the RBA itself which is the 1.5mm pin and they range from 2mm all the way up to 3.8mm. With all of this of course, You also get the 850 RBA itself WITH included Kraken boro tank as well.

Having everything in the box all in one is a big advantage as is the same with all their previously released RBAs. 

Up Close With The 850 RBA

To the bottom of the Boro you will find an aluminum adapter that will be directing your airflow from the very front of it and to the side. The rubber plug here at the front is easy enough to remove and will reveal a rather generous sized filling port, So no problems again with either your 10mls or your shortfills at all. Turning over to the top you'll see directly down the chimney section which is a smaller hole than I expected looking down at it, Especially when it’s designed more towards direct lung or restricted direct lung. My guess is this is where some of the restriction comes in and will help improve flavour. Now let’s talk about the actual RBA/Bridge part it’s self. 

Looking at the RBA when taken out of the Boro you can clearly see how cleanly this has been machined. Not a single scratch or squeaky thread to be found. The design of it also gives the vision of something that is a lot more high end than its price point entails. Taking the chamber off and looking around the inside you will see that its got a rather nice doming on the inside which is also designed to not only improve flavour but to also give you have a nice amount of clearance on the inside. This means that you can pull your coil right up if you want to to be closer to the chimney section. Quite cleverly designed. 

Taking a closer look at the deck itself, Your coils are held in by a clamping Allen key screw system. These actually clamp your wire in either side rather nicely too.  You can get some SLIGHTLY wider coils in there but whatever you do, don't feel like you can go absolutely ballistic with the width of coil you can get in there because after all this is just a small bridge and the chunkier the coil you put in there, the more it will overheat. On the side where your cotton sits there is a little ledge, And when you pop the chamber back on to the deck it’ll hold your cotton in place, where the wicking holes are where the deck and the chimney meet, there's actually kind of a ledge/stopper there. This means when you're spinning the whole top chimney, it's spinning the deck at the same time. This makes it a lot easier to take on and off of other devices. 

The 850 has been really easy to wick up and build on with little to no problems with leaking whatsoever. I don't think you could put any wider coil than a 2.5mm ID coil in there as even with the slightly wider coil I was slightly limited on space beyond this. There was a little space, But adding a larger coil would definitely lead overheating issues. When it comes to changing the airflow pins aswell, it's just a simple unscrew, remove and replace job.

Another nice thing to mention about this deck is that you don't need any kind of 510 adapter to put onto your standard mod to build on because there is threading just underneath the deck for you to simply screw onto your mod and build. It's got a rather nice capacity as well as the bridge doesn't take up a humongous amount of room.

For a closer look at how to build on the 850 RBA, Please click on the picture above. This will take you straight to the YouTube Review which goes even MORE into depth to the build. 

To Summarise The 850 RBA.

The 850 RBA is VERY close in terms of flavour production to the 520+ RBA which I’ve reviewed previously here and that can ONLY be a good thing. The airflow system is ridiculously smooth too without such as a whistle to be heard during use. The fact that you get everything you will need to get started included with it is another big plus. This means you don't need to buy the bridge then the borow separately, it's just an all-in-one package. Compatibility is a bonus as this bridge can be used in any boro, So you can feel free to chuck it in a fancy shiny one and it’ll work flawlessly. 

There are so many plus sides with this RBA that in all honesty, it's hard to find any cons. For what the 850 RBA will set you back, ESPECIALLY when it competes against some of the more high end RBAs out there… You really cannot complain! Definitely a recommendation from myself!

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