OXVA Oneo - Have they made yet another hit pod system ?

Oxva have one hell of a reputation for creating some of the best pod systems in the market. I myself am actually quite the fan of them! So is the Oxva Oneo going to keep up with that same reputation? Well, let's see!

What’s in the box?

The box that you will receive your Oneo in is actually rather nice in its design with some kind of nice geometric pattern around the outside and the device itself is pictured in a shiny more reflective material standing out and looking rather swish. This box I've received is of course a sample box, so there maybe a couple little changes when this is released to retail, but I can't imagine there'd be too many different changes there with the device it is. 

On one side of the box you will see the different pods that are available and which coming in the box (these have been marked off). In my box I got the 0.4 and the 0.6 ohm pods. There is also a 0.8 ohm pod available separately. And on the other side to this there is a few different features listed of this device. One of the more impressive ones to point out is the 1600mAh internal battery, which is a rather good size battery for this kind of device. 

Inside this box you will get an instruction manual (with few illustrations and different languages throughout), A spare 0.4 Ohm pod (with the 0.6Ohm pod pre-installed), A USB C cable and of course the device itself the Oxva ONEO. 

Down Close With The ONEO

So first thing to mention about this device, Is an aluminium body so it's quite nice and durable. None of that cheap plastic sort of stuff. It's got a nice weight to it as well without being TOO heavy. You have a nice 40 watt maximum power output, which of course all depends on the pod that you choose to go in to the Oneo. At the top in these pods is a technology that they've used before which I was extremely happy to hear. Was even MORE happy when I discovered It's the uni coil technology! If you don't know the uni coils and how good they are, it's very much a known thing how good this coil technology is for flavor and durability. It's nice to see they've implemented it into one of these. 

On the front we've got the Oxva logo with a viewing window so you are be able to see what level your juice is at, On the bottom we have a type C USB charging port with 2 amp charging capabilities. On the other side you don't really have too much, it's just blank and again you have the viewing window on the opposite side as well. On the back here we have an airflow control tab, so if you gently move it along you can dial in your preferred airflow style with it pretty accurately. I like to keep mine in the centre for a pretty restricted direct lung style vape. 

On the top here we have a little cap that guards the pod which has some rather strong magnets that connect it to the top and quite firmly keep it there with no visible gaps. I've actually found myself just pulling the cap on and off in one hand like a fidget thing because of how satisfying the sound is when it snaps back on. 

On the bottom of your pod you have 3 magnets that match up with the magnets on the top of the device and of course your contact points.

Taking a closer look at the pod itself, you've got the Oxva branding just at the bottom, A nice and clear pod even with kind of a blacked out look to it. Of course deep on the inside of that pod is the uni coil, which as I said before is a brilliant choice by Oxva. On the side you have your rubber plug which you take out and as you can see it's a very generous sized filling port. You're gonna have no troubles with literally any liquid bottle at all. There is also a nice little bit of extra rubber material there for you to be able to pinch and then remove the rubber plug with ease. 

The mouthpiece is a little bit of a different approach for them but nothing we haven't seen before and as I've said multiple times in previous videos, if it isn't broke don't fix it. This works just fine and gives a nice comfortable vaping experience. 

We'll go to the main talking piece which is that light on the front there. This has been heavily advertised for this device and it's kind of a RGB light, But has three different functionalities. Firstly you've got the multicolored strip which changes colour AS your vaping, Then you can actually change the light functionality on this if you take free short puffs. This is actually quite a clever feature baring in mind there's no buttons on here so being able to change the functionality with three quick puffs is quite an innovation and something to which I’ve not seen before and it can probably be implemented on future devices with things like power for instance. If I now puff on it 3 times while on this multicolour strip, It changes you to kind of like a pulsing light which goes slowly up and slowly down when you're vaping it, And if I do the same again, it's more of a breathing light so a fade in and fade out light

And then back to the multicolour strip. The lights on this also have the functionality of being able to tell you what battery life that you got left depending on the colour. Most of these pod systems have it but not in the way that they've implemented it with this one. 

Just to round this off you can actually get this in plenty of different colours and rather nice colours as well. There's literally a color for everyone. I don't think there's a color there that I don't really like in particular either so Oxva have done a really good job here.

To Summarise The ONEO. 

What do I think of the Oxva ONEO? Well, we'll start off with the quality of the device. It's got an aluminum body, which has a nice feel to it to be. It doesn't feel cheap at all and It's got a good weight to it. I'd probably call it balanced in the weight side of things. Not too heavy, not too light, it's just right. They're very well known for putting out great stuff by now so I expected this to be much the same. 

The 1600mah internal battery is a very big plus. It's quite a large battery capacity for something of this size and obviously device type. You got the advantage of being able to use this throughout the entire day without worrying about it dying and because you've got the 2 amp charging capabilities of the Type C port you won’t be without it long as it charges extremely fast. 

Another big plus with the flavor in these pods is that it's uncoil technology to which I had no surprises when I came to using it and discovering that the flavor is absolutely bang on every single flavor note as it has always been the case with other OXVA products. They've also catered to each vaping style with excellent flavour be expected in each one from the 0.4 all the way to the 0.8ohm pods, So top marks there really. 

Now we're gonna talk about the elephant in the room, the lights, um, I'm not sure how to take them really. I don't like the rainbow lighting thing, especially when it gets towards nighttime or the evenings when you've got duller light outside, they're incredibly bright. I get it, You can see what you're actually pulling in and you can see your battery life and stuff like that. It's great. I want to see it… But I don't want to be blinded by it. The rainbow kind of thing. It's extremely gimmicky. If I wanted to see those lights, I would rather see them on a computer or a fancy room light in the gaming room, not my vape. Personally I think they would've been better off sticking with the breathing or the pulsing lights. It would've been better in my opinion. I don't think the rainbow thing is gonna cater towards the correct audience, if you know what I mean. 

I do however like the fact that you can change the lights with 3 quick drags. I think that's a really impressive innovation. It doesn't sound like much, but to literally use free quick drags to change a setting that's, that's pretty cool.

It's simple but it's effective. The viewing window is just about enough to see through, you kind of have to hit it at the right light. Obviously you got the coil in there, so that's gonna be blocking out some of that light. 

Overall style of things, this kind of looks like the original origin, which I loved because the shape of as it felt nice in the hand. Ergonomic almost. To top it off the quality overall is excellent and feels sturdy. 

As a pod system it is a brilliant bit of kit and I give top marks for it. Simple with little innovative tweaks bringing a refreshing change… But I do not like the gimmicky rainbow colored light stuff. Take that out and this would've been absolutely perfect across the board.

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