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So Doozy Vape have themselves one heck of a variety of flavours in all dessert, fruit, soda and even tobacco forms now, And ever since I can remember there has been at the very least of two bottles of Doozy e-liquid in shortfill form as a part of my collection at pretty much all times since I first tried the Pink Haze flavour when it was released. Although this feels like just yesterday, Doozy seems to be able to produce near flawless ranges time and time again with the exception of a couple that I wouldn't vape as simply put... They are not my bag no matter the manufacturer (These are mostly Tobacco flavours, Just to confirm).

Upon seeing the release of the Doozy Seriously Fusionz range, My interest automatically peaked and I had to get my hands on the entire range in both shortfill and nic salt form, And this is just what I did! So sit back, Grab yourself a brew and let's have a browse through each flavour in the 6 flavour deep range and see if my self formed hype was worth it with the finished product!

White Peach Lemon

Now let me just start this one off by saying I am not the type to actively search out Lemon flavours as an individual flavour in itself unless its in dessert form (the major exception), But when combined with the right fruits I am aware that it can add a certain depth as well as a refreshing edge. When I saw this White Peach Lemon flavour as part of the line up it instantly had me intrigued, And I for one am incredibly glad of my intrigue with this one not being wrong in any way.

The Peach flavour in this mix isn't like a “sweet peach” that you would find in something like a Peach Rings sweet flavour, But a natural and rather smooth addition to the blend with the lemon bringing it forward ever so slightly while giving a lightly citrus edge to it simultaneously which on the exhale is a really enjoyable experience with neither flavour overpowering the other but rather balancing it out. This also carries over to the nic salt version rather nicely too making it a nice little all day carry for out and about without getting “too much” at any time so to speak. Definitely worth a go for lovers of fruit flavours out there! 

Triple Berry Ice

With this one I had to hold my reservations as I am not the type of person who enjoys the kind of flavours with “Ice” in the name that give me instant brain freeze on just the inhale alone as I feel that for me personally it kind of sucks any enjoyment out of the potentially awesome flavour buried beneath the cooling. I was pleasantly surprised however that this was not the case when it came to this flavour and that the ice was in fact more of a “fridge cool” and refreshing experience rather than a “I can't even think as my brain is literally THAT frozen” kind of cold.

To add to this, The refreshing chilled hit did NOT take over any of the fruity goodness and in fact was an incredibly well balanced vape on both the inhale and exhale, Which in itself I gave a sigh of relief to. The mixed berries in this flavour held their own rather well with a mixture of both sweet and sour flavour notes combining incredibly nicely on the exhale with the cooling being more of an undertone in not a bad way at all. Overall I would genuinely say I will now happily pick this one up for myself again being a really well thought out concoction and one that will be ideal for myself in the summer when I tend to veer more towards fruity more than dessert flavours. Same again with this one carrying over really well in its Nic Salt form to boot for the best of both worlds.

Fantasia Grape

Usually when you see the word “Fantasia”, As with the above flavour mentioned you tend to think that “This is going to be mind numbingly cold”, But assumption is not everyone's best friend and putting that aside for a second I prepared myself to be swept off my feet by a blizzard of cooling with the surprise being that I wasn't in the slightest. Again this has a “cool” rather than “ice cold” hit to it adding to the more refreshing nature that this flavour presents itself to be.

Onto the grape side of the flavour and it being the main star of the show… This is most definitely one of the best grape flavours I have tried and is neither too sweet nor is it dull in any shape or form and holds its own nicely as a grape soda themed flavour. However as much as I did enjoy my time vaping this, I couldn't vape it constantly as for myself not really vaping grape themed flavours too often it began to get a bit much for me personally. I will say though that any lovers of refreshing grape soda style flavours out there should see to themselves giving this a blast! It also tastes the exact same in Nic Salt form without any difference in flavour production.

Cherry Sour Raspberry

Now this one I instantly had the thought process in my head of “Oh no, It's going to be another duplicate Bar flavour” kind of thing as many brands have gone out of their way to achieve but to my pretty instant surprise, It didn't taste anything like any disposable that carries the same flavour profile at all. In fact I rather enjoyed it!

Initially on the inhale you get a slightly sour hit of raspberry with a really pleasant and not overpowering taste of sweet cherry on the exhale with both balancing out fairly well, But the raspberry being ever so slightly more prominent but not in a bad way at all. In fact as far as Raspberry flavours go this has now placed itself up there in my top 5. I will however note one small thing that I believe should be mentioned on the bottle, And that is that it DOES contain an ever so slight cooling effect within the flavour. I agree that it is less so than the already mentioned “ice” flavours in the range, But still enough where I think it could have included “chill” or something on the bottle itself. Again it's not an overpowering addition and is hidden under the fruity goodness, But it IS there. Unfortunately I will say that the Nic Salt is ever so slightly different in my personal experience but in no way bad, If anything the flavour of cherry is more prominent in that particular version.

Tropical Ice

I do enjoy my tropical flavours when it comes to my time vaping fruit stuff. But don’t colour me biassed because of this as I am equally quite fussy when it comes to how I think a tropical flavour should carry itself when vaped in terms of flavour notes and where they should sit and when. Usually my go to flavour for the summer time, I was enthusiastic when it came to trying the Tropical Ice flavours having already tried all of the other ice flavours in the range knowing that it wasn't going to numb my brain but simply add to the refreshment. For this fact alone, I have to give credit where it's due as it allows the flavours to be far more enjoyable as a whole.

Now onto my time with this Tropical Ice flavour. This has an assortment of tropical fruits within it and is a really nice and smooth vaping experience, But I will say that most of what I got from this was a really nice mango flavour and more focused towards tasting like the physical fruit itself rather than being overly sweet (a big plus in my book). Don't get me wrong, I can taste undertones of Pineapple and what I believe could possibly be papaya.. But they have quite light undertones. As a blend overall though I have enjoyed my time with it and it carries itself closer to a rather refreshing slush flavour that I could vape all day with ease without getting bored but of course the above with the slightly more prominent mango had to be mentioned. I will say this transfers very well into Nic Salt form and makes for a very enjoyable all day vape in a Pod Kit.

Strawberry Watermelon Ice

I was pretty damn confident from the off that I was going to enjoy this one other than the dreaded “ice” title that we now know within this range is nothing to be afraid of. This iconic combination flavour has been carried through many ranges with each variety and version of said flavour being enjoyed by myself every single time without fail. Thankfully this one is no different.

When vaping this you can expect an immediate barrage of sweet yet not overly sweet strawberry with a cooling inhale balancing off perfectly with a well balanced watermelon collaborating seamlessly on the exhale with of course, That nice refreshing hit from the added ice. I can tell you that this is definitely one of the better variants of this flavour combination to be brought to the market and will indeed be one that I grab for myself to add to the already slightly cluttered rotation I have which I forever get told to sort… Which now continues to grow thanks to yet another solid addition to the Fusionz range. This flavour is probably the one that best translated itself into Nic Salt in the entire range and in my opinion could potentially be even better!

Overall Summary

The Doozy Seriously Fusionz range as a whole with both Shortfills and Nic Salts has been a really pleasant experience throughout the entire line up other than one that you may have read I couldn't vape ALL the time, But this is my own personal experience with this as a vaper as I am not one to who can continuously vape said flavour but rather have it as one I will go back to from time to time. In no way is it bad as I know damn well that fans of said flavour will continuously vape it without the bottle leaving their side. 

Every element of each individual flavour has been really well thought out with each ingredient complimenting the next with the surprise of the Ice flavours in the range being actually quite damn refreshing without issuing brain freeze. 

The Doozy Seriously Fusionz range is available here and I highly recommend trying these if you like to use your fruity flavours as an all day carry in whatever device you choose to use! Once again Doozy, Bravo!

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