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As many of you have probably come to realise by now, I am rather partial to a good dessert flavour. I do tend to dabble in a mix of all fruit and sweet flavours too but I will have to say about 80-85% of the time you will find me vaping away on a dessert flavour for the most part. The Little Desserts 10ml Salt range was not a range I had tried until very recently but after talking to the person who very much recommended these to me with all the flavours I indeed told them I am particularly fond of, I had to give these a go!

The Little Desserts range has 7 flavours in total with all promising to deliver a true to life experience when it comes to the flavour profiles within each available in both 10mg and 20mg Nic Salts (No shortfill’s as of yet). Having not heard of these at all I was extremely mindful not to get my hopes up too high as I have been disappointed on peoples recommendations beforehand but I thought to let bygones be bygones on this occasion. The question is though (baring in mind I am incredibly fussy with my Dessert flavours), Was I setting myself up for disappointment again? Or alternatively will I regret not having tried these sooner? Well there's only one way to find out, So let's dive into it!


This here is a flavour that I absolutely thrive on trying to find the best one of regardless if I have heard of the manufacturer. Quite literally with desserts the Lemon Meringue is my go to flavour when it comes to something I can continuously use without getting bored, Unless it's a particularly bad version in which case you will find me sulking in the nearest corner. This is where I can tell you, This was probably the best first impression I could have asked for from this range.

This is potentially the most authentic and true to life Meringue focused flavour I have vaped to date and pretty instantly took over the top spot in my coveted “Meringue Chart”. The Lemon featured in this flavour is the perfect amount of sweet with a light citrus kick that balances out absolutely perfectly with a genuinely true to life taste of airy meringue on the exhale. It goes without saying that If you like this particular style of flavour elsewhere, I highly recommend you try this one. I guarantee you that it will blow your mind!


Now straight from the description alone, I knew that this was going to be quite unlike anything I have tried previously. Sure, I've tried each one of the flavour notes in separate e-liquids entirely and I have in fact enjoyed them.. But never in the same flavour. With all of the curiosity I could humanely muster together, I went into the testing of this one with a fully open mind. I am very glad I did!

This flavour has a combination of Pastry, Raspberry Jam, Custard and Coconut. While you may be thinking “How on earth do these work together”, I can assure you that as a matter of fact, This combination is genuinely incredible! Mrs Beeton's Tart perfectly captures the right balance of what you would taste biting into an actual Tart, With crumbly pastry blending with the Raspberry Jam in perfect harmony on the inhale with a light undertone of custard that comes forward more so on the exhale with the hint of coconut. Not one ingredient within this flavour overpowers the other and it makes for quite the satisfying experience with a nice sense of depth to it. Yet another recommendation from me! 


I have tried MANY MANY, Different Scone styled flavours with only a couple including the very well known Just Jam Raspberry Scone being one of the markers to beat in my opinion the very best original Scone flavour in the market and the “mark” of this particular flavour to be one that's hard to top. Well, I am happy to tell you that this at the VERY LEAST matches that experience!

When I tested this flavour firstly, I did so in the Cthulhu 520+ RBA with a 0.65 ohm MTL Alien by Coils By Scott and I must say that the flavour I got from this took me by surprise. The inhale features both a perfectly presented Raspberry Jam flavour as well as the incredibly authentic taste of a fluffy scone to which combine perfectly on the exhale creating an experience that could only be compared to that of the real thing. I could not possibly place either flavour mentioned in this here section above the other as they are both in an entirely different league to anything else I have tried in this style previously and if you are hunting for that perfect Scone flavour on the go, Then this is definitely on my recommendations list for you! It's honestly so insanely moreish!


This is the very first flavour of this type that I have ever tried. The Royal Sponge Cake in its description basically describes itself very much so as your all time classic British Cake is the Victoria Sponge Cake. This is the type of cake that your parents or grandparents may bake with you when you were younger to keep you occupied and enjoy as soon as it had cooled down on a weekend (My exact memory, May not be what everyone baked) or alternatively something you find in your Coffee shops as a lighter option to some of the more sweet treat surprises you’ll usually find. I didn't know quite what to expect, But it was not this!

When it comes to terms of pure authenticity alone, This honestly has to be the most true to life Dessert/Cake flavour I have had in my entire time vaping. Everything you would expect to find in your iconic vicky sponge cake is right here! On the inhale, You get literally everything in the most spectacular fashion possible with the mind boggling true to life taste of light and airy sponge cake, sweet strawberry jam and even a wonderful undertone of cream with all staying with you from the inhale itself to the exhale. Upon my first taste, I verbally and out loud said “wow” which is something that I rarely do even with flavours I adore. This one is a treat not to be ignored for ALL dessert fans out there. I promise you will regret it if you don't. Incredible craftsmanship right here!


As much as I do enjoy this in real life I couldn't see how it could convert well into a vapable e-liquid form with all the different aspects of this cake and all the undertones it would have to deliver. Having tried this one nearer to the end of the testing of the entire range, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that yet again they captured the exact essence that the cake in reality itself holds.

The Salted Caramel flavour comes right through with the Blondie and it's incredibly well captured notes of fudge on the inhale as well as its exhale in a perfect blend of everything capturing the exact taste of the cake with flawless execution. I WILL HOWEVER state, That this flavour as full of depth and incredible authenticity does come with a catch… It is quite “heavy” after a while and I found it to get a little bit sickly even for my love of all things dessert. A treat to the tastebuds, But recommended to be enjoyed little and often in my personal opinion.


This is not something that I have tasted in real life beforehand so with this in mind I had no idea what to expect when reading several different descriptions online to discover it to be a kind of Spanish Almond Cake with the addition of Orange and Lemon amongst other things. Bearing this in mind, I yet again went into this one practically blind with a mild expectation to how it would taste.

There was definitely no need to worry, As with my love of all things Lemon and cakey, This definitely hit the spot. The mild cakey yet nutty taste paired with lemon comes on the inhale with what tastes in vapable form similar to that of a Lemon Drizzle Cake style flavour with a light orangy zest being notable on the undertone with everything on the exhale creating a rather smooth experience. I would have perhaps liked a bit more of the lemon and orange to come through on the inhale, But other than that this is a solid flavour overall.


This is probably the cake flavour that I was most intrigued to try after reading its description as reading that alone brought back a flood of memories from my childhood with its simple yet nostalgia inducing combination of notes. If you have any idea as to what a “School Cake” is, This is a very similar concept but featuring Pink Icing and Dessicated Coconut instead of hundreds and thousands. If that rings any bells to you, Then you are pretty much there with what to expect here.

Honestly this flavour is absolutely everything I wanted it to be after reading the description and more! The sponge cake flavour comes through JUST under the perfectly recreated taste of pink icing with even the desiccated coconut coming through balancing everything together perfectly on the exhale. There was not a single point in time when I was vaping this flavour that it got too much or sickly either which with something like this you would expect.. But wasn't the case at all making this Tottenham Cake one of the more “easier on the pallet” flavour’s of the dessert kind I have tried.

Overall Summary

I genuinely feel that this is one of the most criminally overlooked dessert ranges I have tried in a long time and is something that definitely needs to be changed. There are only a handful or so of my vaping comrades out there that have actually tried this range, But those that have in fact tried them agree. These are incredibly well mixed with all flavours accurately representing their real counterparts in genuinely spectacular fashion.

Huge credit to the mixologist team behind this range and even more so to the ideas of some of the flavours within it being brought into the line up that other manufacturers may be a little less than optimistic to dive into… And perfecting them.

My only unfortunate add on to this is that of course, These are not available in shortfill form and I am not 100% sure if they will or not (Can only keep my fingers tightly crossed at this point). All my dessert loving people out there definitely need to try this range! I can assure you that you will honestly wonder why it took you so long to try them! Grab yours right here and thank me later!

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