Cloud Nurdz is a brand within the vaping industry known for creating e-liquids, which are the flavoured juices used in electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. They specialise in producing a variety of e-liquid flavours that often combine fruity and sweet profiles, catering to a wide range of personal preferences among vapers. Their products are typically designed to be used across different devices, including pod kits and more advanced sub-ohm tanks, appealing to both new and experienced users. With their latest launch of BAR JUICE 100ml disposable-inspired flavours for up to 30,000 puffs in each bottle!
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Cloud Nurdz BAR Juice 100ml Shortfill

Cloud Nurdz BAR Juice 100ml Shortfill

£14.99 £9.99
New Arrival: Cloud Nurdz Bar Juice 100ml ShortfillThe UK vaping scene just got more exciting with the arrival of Cloud Nurdz Bar Juice E-liquid in a generous 100ml shortfill. Having...