Smoant Pasito Mini Kit - Small AND mighty?

Smoant are very well known in the industry for releasing products of an exceptional quality. I very much believe that they live in the principle of quality over quantity. Is that going to be the case for the new Pasito mini kit?


SMOANT PASITO MINI - Elegant Finish with Fierce Flavour!

First impressions and being a slightly nerdy person in general, I really like the comic book shiny finish on the box itself. Even down to the cheesy slogan on the front with it too. A select amount of information on the front with name of the name of the pod kit on both side edges, and on the back some more information. The color I have been using during this test is the gold variant but there are other colors to suit pretty much every desired finish and are all rather nice colors.

Now onto what’s in the box. After carefully removing the sleeve inside this box you'll get an instruction manual that's nicely detailed and illustrated, A card that shows you how to install the pods, A spare 1.0 ohm more mouth to lung focused coil, A USB C charging cable and of course the device itself.

At first glance I really love the finish on this device. It's rather clean and polished looking. A nice simple setup with in the very center of the power and power adjustment buttons you'll see a little light strip which acts as a power indicator depending on which color it is and which coil you've chosen. A little thing I noticed that will please most is there is no rattle in the entire device at all showing this is a well built device. On the bottom of the device you’ll find your USB Charging port and some battery ventilation slots. This about covers everything on the device So let's talk about the pod itself.

Although the pod is a little blacked out, you can still visibly see through it for your liquid levels.
And when turn over to the bottom, this will be where you install and remove your coils. There is a 0.60 pre-installed with the kit out of the box. Coil installation is simple enough as well. You line up the top and bottom straight edges of the pod with the top and bottom straight edges of your coil and then you just push it straight in while making sure your aligning it properly, Then that’s it! Good to go!
Ecigone Smoant Pasito Mini Kit - Small AND mighty?
A small disadvantage to some here, But worth a mention is that tip is actually molded into the pod itself so there's no changing it over for your own custom ones I’m afraid. On one side we have the area where you refill your pod with a rather generous sized filling port as well, which has given me no issues. There's also a nice amount of extra rubber material there to grab onto with a fingers grip so you can easily pull it out and refill it, which is a plus from me.

On the other side is where you adjust your airflow with a little plastic sliding system. I have noticed a little bit of a problem with there being some moisture underneath, allowing it to slide extremely easy so it'll be quite difficult to dial in that airflow precisely but as I personally vape more RDL style on pods it didn’t effect me too much.

So now we get onto the good bit. What are my thoughts on the Pasito mini kit? Well initially it's got a good weight to it so a good in-hand feel and it feels of a solid quality. Looks wise Its definitely a swish looking piece of kit too. Fire button is nice and clicky, and it fires instant as soon as you press the button. I like the way that you change your power. No faffing around nor needing a screen. It's just really simple. And the actual use of it? I’ve been using the 0.60 Ohm mesh coil in here that was pre-installed fully open on the airflow and it gives a very, very impressive rounded off overall flavor. Coil lifespan is a plus as well as they last around 2 weeks with little to no flavor drop at all until the very last draw.

There's been no chipping to the finish and I have actually dropped this a couple of times and it's not affected the paint work at on it at all or the finish of the exterior of it, Which is a lovely bonus for the slightly clumsier users out there!

The battery life genuinely lasted me all day leading into the following morning and because we have a USB C charging port on the bottom, It
really doesn't take that long to charge. A good half an hours worth of charge and you'll be back to full capacity.

The Pasito Mini is a very solid device that produces an impressive pure flavor and decent and I highly recommend anyone this kit, pod user or not!


Written by Samuel Adams

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