Kil-Lite DNA60 AIO - A collaborative masterpiece ?

Ambition mods are no stranger to working with higher end companies. Having worked previously with the likes of SunBox and R.S.S mods. So how are the latest collaboration with Kilic Customs fair to the rest? There's only one way to find out!

Up Close To The KIL-LITE.

The box that your Kil-Lite will come in is nice and simple enough. Pretty much to the point with a picture of the device on the front in the style of a simple outline. I received a sample box, So as I’ve previously checked this, I can tell you that there is a couple things missing from this box that won't be missing from the retail version. 

I've got the DNA 60 chip set as marked on the side here. There is also an Ambition Mods proprietary 60 watt chip set as well. They look identical but obviously it's what's inside that makes the difference in the package. It should contain the mod itself, a user manual, two battery wraps and two spare magnets but I only received two battery wraps and the device itself.  

So this is a collaborative design from Kilic Customs and Ambition Mods. On the very side edge of the device itself you will see where your battery is held with the negative and positives being marked nice and clearly. No spring loaded contacts or anything there either because it's a twist top cap design. So you just twist that nicely around, And clamp the battery in to make contact with the positive and negative sides, But of course it goes without saying to not overly tighten it. Holding the Kil-Lite in hand I can definitely tell you that It's really nice and dinky . Up on top here is the drip tip and the nut that tightens to hold your boro tank in place. The tip is thankfully a standard 510 fitting so custom tips will fit nicely. The top plate where of course the drip tip is held to on top of the device is a nice brushed finish and very nicely done itself with not a single visible imperfections.

On the side opposite to where you battery sits here you've got some nice ridges and this is your power button and it's nice and clicky bar style button design. As you've seen in other reviews, I do love a clicky button. I actually really like the design on the fire button because you can literally squeeze the mod when you've got a battery in on the other side and that will fire it for you. Your up and down buttons are on the rear face of the device. There are air outlets/inlets on both the front and rear face of the device too. 

To view everything that’s going on you have a nice OLED screen that is really quite nice and bright with clear information visible without needing to squint. The panels are nice and simple to remove with strong magnets holding them in place on the mod and a “fingernail” grove for you to pop them off when necessary. You’ll also be pleased to know that they are not loose and no audible rattle is present. Only a small amount of branding is visible on both rear and front face of the Kil-lite with Kilic Customs in small font on one side of the panels inner edge and Ambition Mods on the other. 

Using the KIL-LITE

So let’s dive a little bit more into using the Kil-Lite itself. Internally it is an Evolv DNA 60 which is extremely well known in the industry for being a really nice responsive and accurate chip. Five clicks will unlock your device if you press both the up and down buttons at the same time on the back, It will eventually show a “locked” message on screen. From this point if you press down twice, you will go into your preset options. The presets are Power control watts, Preset five nickel 200, Preset four titanium, Preset three stainless steel, Preset two nickel 200, preset one nickel 200, No preheat nickel 200, Relaxed nickel 200 and then after cycling through all presets you are then back to power control watts, which is what I usually stick on personally. To lock in your choice you just click the power button to confirm or it'll eventually do it in its own time anyway.

If you have the Kil-Lite in the locked function by pressing five times on the power button, And then hold the down and the power button at the same time and hold it, it will put you from normal mode into stealth mode. If you do the same with the up button and the power button and hold it, it locks the ohms so they won't go up or down, It'll lock them in place. Of course do the same again unlocks the ohms. On the bottom here is where you will find your serial number. 

For size comparison next to the Cthulhu AIO they are pretty much the same in Height and Thickness. The Cthulhu AIO itself is obviously quite a small device so at least you know by looking at them side by side that the Kil-Lite is actually quite a dinky little bit of kit itself. You can also get separate panels for these so you can customize the entire look to how you want it to be. 

To Summarise The KIL-LITE.

Regarding this as a collaboration for both Kilic Customs and Ambition Mods combined! This is some of their best work yet and think this is legitimately one of my favorite looking AIO/boro mods I have seen and used in a very long time. 

The quality in the finish on this bit of kit is absolutely incredible. The finish and machining of everything on here is impeccable with not a single imperfection or squeaky thread to be heard. It's all done in such a high-end style, which is surprising for the price point of this.

Of course the chip inside is an evolved DNA60 on this one. So the performance is second to none. If you want to mess around with your temperature control stuff you're going to be able to get it done incredibly accurately with this. Not to mention the smoothness of the vaping experience in the standard power mode itself and just overall. Zero Complaints. 

I personally thought I was going to dislike the battery being kind of bare and exposed to the elements, But the more I'm using it, the more I don't mind! Personally this isn't gonna be something I'm going to take out and about all the time. I very well know that not just because I love this thing but because I've got more common sense than to take it out and about and drop it. I know I'm a clumsy person so I'm not gonna do that. However, Even with the battery being exposed, the actual mechanism to keep the battery in place is nice and tight. That battery is not going anywhere. And the power button being where it is makes everything so Damn comfortable to use. It all just feels… Right. 

I can't quite give you, you know, the quality of what it is like in a blog as have to see it for yourself to believe it. But I can tell you now, the quality of this thing is genuinely insane.  If you're looking for your entry into the DNA AIO market then I can tell you honestly, you don't even look any further than this. This is what you want to go for. An absolute work of art.

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