ELFC, founded in the UK, provides DIY vapers a convenient online store supplying high-quality flavour concentrates from some of the best e-liquid manufacturers in the industry. They understand that making your own e-liquids can be creative, fun, and save you a considerable amount of money!

ELFC offers not only high-quality concentrates and flavour shots but also VG/PG mixes. They were among the first companies to produce a longfill—a small amount of concentrate usually in a 50ml bottle, allowing you the chance to mix it with your own nic shots to your flavour preference. This is commonly in nic salt form, which is much more cost-effective than a 10ml nic salt.

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ELFC Long Fills DIY Range

£8.99 £3.99
Introducing the Premium Longfill Range for Vapers Explore a selection of the highest quality longfill flavours, perfectly catering to all sweet, fruit, and soda-themed flavour cravings in a single cost-effective...