ITank 2 by Vaporesso Review - A Surprise Contender Of The Falcon Tank?

ITank 2 by Vaporesso Review - A Surprise Contender Of The Falcon Tank?
Vaporesso have now been in the industry for a substantial amount of time and are very well known for the innovation and quality of each individual product they release. Does the ITank 2 live up to the same standards? Let’s look into it!

What’s in the box?

The box that you will receive your Vaporesso ITank 2 in sticks with the current theme of a nice green and black finish with a clear plastic window to show you your tank. A nice simple and clean presentation as a first impression. Inside the box you will get a user manual with instructions and illustrations, A spare 0.40oh
mesh coil with a 0.20ohm mesh coil pre-installed in the tank, Spare glass and O rings, and of course the main event itself the ITank 2.

At the bottom of the tank we have the 510 pin and just around the outside of the base it states that of course it has been designed by Vaporesso. The diameter of the tank is 25.5mm so a fairly decent size to say the least. You've got your adjustable airflow just around the base that rotates around the base and it does have a stopper so you can't just continually spin it around, And there is two airflow holes to adjust in total.

The sample of the ITank 2 I received had pre-installed bubble glass, but obviously with it being a sample so you may receive yours slightly differently. Maybe with the straight glass or maybe with this glass with a rubber bung inside.
Without the TPD bung inside however OR straight glass making this 2ml of juice capacity, This tank is able to take a whopping 8mls of liquid, which you could say is a bloody good amount of liquid for a stock coil sub ohm tank!

Just on the top of the tank you find this a red thing which is an indicator of where you fill your tank. The little red thing in question is indeed a button that when pressed activates the swivelling mechanism to fill your tank and the filling port which is guarded by a rubber gasket system. The gasket system works just as others have done on other tanks, By pushing down the tip of your e liquid bottle (without the lid of course) through the gasket which will then cause it to open. When you have finished filling your tank and remove the tip of your e liquid bottle from this, The gasket will then close up stopping any liquid from escaping from the top of the tank.

A nice new benefit of this ITank compared to the original variant is that the drip tip is now an 810 drip tip. This means any of those chunky drip tips that you have will be compatible with this tank and they will fit with ease. This drip tip in particular that’s included has O-rings on the base, So I would probably recommend using another tip with O-rings at the base over any that are just push fit just to make sure that it stays on nice and secure.

To change your coil, all you gotta do is unscrew the bottom where you will also find the contact for your coil in the base. Once the base is removed, in the main tank section you will find where you install your coil. These are literally just a push in and pull out coil system and as simple as it gets.

What do I think of the ITank 2?

I'm going to go straight in with it and say without the straight glass or the TPD bung being inside this, having an 8ml juice capacity is an absolutely huge pro. It means you're not gonna run out of your e-liquid willy-nilly and it should last you a fair amount of time. I also really like the build quality of it! The grooves are in all the right places to actually get a grip on the tank if you want to dismantle it and get it cleaned up.

The fact that we have now got an eight 10 drip tip. Obviously wider bore means that you can use that higher power and there not be too much condensation in there and allows more air to go through, Allowing a greater experience from this tank. The tank on a whole allows the perfect amount of airflow in my opinion, and I like the fact that it has a stopper no continuous spinning around. Even with it fully open, There is still some sort of restriction on there so It's not like just taking a breath of air in. Having that restriction there definitely helps add towards the flavour, Which i will also add…. Is genuinely exceptionally good! The 0.20ohm mesh coil is really picking out each individual flavor note from that all the different liquids I have used through it and it's an absolute joy to use.

I hate to say it, but as a user of the old Falcon Tanks…. They've Defintely got some competition with this tank now being around. The only single downside at all, is that button that swivels that top around. There has been a time where I've put this in my pocket and not been very careful and I’ve used the tank to hold it and have the accidentally opened the tank. The button sticks out a little bit so you can press it and because of that, sometimes it will catch. Luckily there's that gasket in there to stop any liquid flowing out of it if it does accidentally open, but it's a little bit annoying. If it was just a fretted top or had a half turn/quarter turn to catch on I’d have preferred that. but that is literally the only complaint I've got, And it's a very nitpicky one at that because there really is nothing else to complain about.

For those looking for an in your face flavour experience from their Sub Ohm Tank,
I highly recommend this. Genuinely on par with the Falcon series of tanks and definitely worth your time looking into. No second guessing… This 100% should be the next on your list.

Written by Samuel Adams

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