Best Nic Salt Brands & Flavours: Our Recommendations

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In the constantly evolving world of vaping, nicotine salts have revolutionised the experience, offering smoother hits and more satisfying nicotine delivery even at lower temperatures. For those exploring this refined vaping option, selecting the right brand and flavour becomes crucial to maximising enjoyment. In this guide, we'll introduce you to the top nicotine salt brands and flavours available in the UK, as recommended by Ecigone. Whether you're a seasoned vaper looking for something new or a newcomer eager to find the perfect fit, our curated list promises to cater to your taste and elevate your vaping experience.

Understanding the pros and cons of nicotine salts (nic salts) is vital for any vaper, whether you're contemplating making the switch or pondering the reasons to possibly consider other options. Here's a comprehensive look at why nic salts might be the right choice for you, or why you might want to explore other avenues in your vaping journey.

The Pros and Cons of Nic Salts

Before we explore the specific brands that capture the essence of quality vaping, it's fundamental to weigh the advantages and disadvantages associated with nicotine salts. This will not only inform your choice but also ensure it aligns with your preferences and vaping needs..

Pros of Nic Salts

1. Smoother Hits: Nic salts are renowned for their smooth hits, making them an ideal choice for beginners or those who find regular vape juice too harsh on the throat. The smoother sensation allows for a more pleasant vaping experience, especially at higher nicotine strengths.

2. Quick Nicotine Absorption: One of the biggest advantages of nic salts is their ability to mimic the nicotine absorption rate of traditional cigarettes. This offers a quicker satisfaction of nicotine cravings, making them a fantastic option for those looking to switch from smoking to vaping.

3. Lower Power Needs: Nic salts work well with lower-powered devices, such as pod systems, because they don't require high temperatures to vaporise. This compatibility allows for a more compact, discreet vaping setup and longer battery life.

4. Cost-Effectiveness: Since nic salts are more efficient at delivering nicotine, users may find themselves vaping less often, leading to potential savings in the long run.

Cons of Nic Salts

1. Limited Vaping Styles: Those who prefer cloud chasing or direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping might find nic salts less satisfying. Nic salts are generally better suited for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, which mimics the act of smoking a traditional cigarette.

2. Flavour Limitations: While there is a wide variety of flavours available, some vapers believe that the intense focus on nicotine satisfaction can sometimes overshadow the flavour profile, especially when compared to regular e-liquids.

3. Higher Nicotine Dependency Risk: With nic salts being more subtle at delivering nicotine, there's a potential risk of developing a higher dependence on nicotine, particularly for those who were not previously heavy smokers.

4. Compatibility Issues: Nic salts are not suitable for all types of vaping devices, especially those designed for high-wattage, sub-ohm vaping. Users must ensure their vaping setup is compatible with nic salts to avoid any device damage or unsatisfactory experience.

Best Nic Salt Brands

1.ELFLIQ E-Liquids (Official Elf Bar) 10ml Salts

ELFLIQ E-Liquids, emerging from the popular Elf Bar disposable range, introduces an innovative avenue for vapers with their 10ml Salts line. This review dives into the merits and drawbacks of one of the best nic salt brands in the UK, providing insight into why it could be an excellent choice for vapers searching for the best flavour nic salts.

Key Features:

  • Strengths Available: 10mg and 20mg, catering to a wide range of nicotine preferences.

  • Flavour Variety: An extensive selection of 21 flavours, including fruit, sweet, tobacco, and dessert profiles, offering something for every palate.

  • Compatibility: Perfect for use with your favourite Pod Kit, ensuring a seamless transition from disposable use.

  • Volume: Comes in a convenient 10ml bottle size.

  • Ratio: 50VG/50PG, striking a balance between throat hit and flavour intensity.


  • Wide Flavour Selection: Ranging from Cotton Candy Ice to Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, ELFLIQ provides best nic salt flavours for a diverse vaping experience.

  • Optimal for Transitioning Smokers: The smooth hits and efficient nicotine delivery make it excellent for those moving from traditional cigarettes to vaping.

  • Affordable: With a competitive price point and options to buy in bulk, vapers can enjoy quality without breaking the bank.

  • Efficient Nicotine Delivery: Quick absorption rates mimic the satisfaction of a cigarette, appealing to users looking for a reliable nicotine hit.


  • Limited VG/PG Ratio: At 50/50, it may not satisfy those who prefer a higher VG content for thicker clouds.

  • Device Compatibility: Best suited for pod systems at lower powers and may not be ideal for sub-ohm devices or those preferring a direct-to-lung vaping style at higher wattage levels.

ELFLIQ E-Liquids stand out among the best nic salt brands in the UK for their focus on flavour intensity and variety. However, as with all vaping products, user preferences play a significant role in determining the ideal choice. The brand's offerings, particularly in flavours like Apple Peach and Blueberry, demonstrate their commitment to delivering high-quality, satisfying experiences for those prioritising flavour and nicotine efficiency in their vaping experience.

2.Nasty Liq 10ml Salts

Nasty Liq 10ml Salts lead as a top contender in the realm of best nic salts brands UK , boasting a harmonious collection that resonates with both novice and seasoned vapers. Offering a robust lineup of 16 mesmerizing flavours, Nasty Liq ensures a diverse palette from the iconic best flavour nic salt options to the most adventurous profiles. Among its crowning jewels, Berry Bull emerges as a standout, artfully blending the vibrancy of mixed berries with a refreshing energy drink zest, perfectly aligning with those in search of best nic salts for flavour .

Key Features:

  • Volume: 10ml bottles, catering to the UK market with precision.

  • Nicotine Strengths: Available in the versatile options of 10mg and 20mg.

  • VG/PG Ratio: A balanced 50/50 blend, supporting both flavour intensity and throat hit.

  • Compatibility: Designed for seamless use with Pod Kits, AIO systems, or MTL Tanks.


  • Exceptional Flavour Variety: From the invigorating Berry Bull to the unique Mineral Water, the range appeals to all taste preferences, securing its place as one of the best nic salt brands .

  • Versatile Nicotine Options: Satisfies both light and heavy nicotine preferences with ease.

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Ensures a consistent, satisfying vape experience with each puff.

  • Affordable & Economical: Competitive pricing accentuated by bulk purchase discounts.


  • Limited to 50VG/50PG: May not cater to vapers seeking thicker clouds associated with higher VG ratios.

  • Specific Device Compatibility: Best performance observed in pod systems, limiting versatility with high-power devices.

The Nasty Liq 10ml Salts collection not only stands tall in the best nic salt juice UK market but also enriches the vaping landscape with its compelling flavours and efficient nicotine delivery. Its balanced VG/PG ratio, coupled with a high compatibility with low wattage devices, marks it as an excellent choice for those prioritising flavour and nicotine delivery over cloud production. While certain limitations exist concerning VG/PG preferences and device compatibility, the brand's commitment to taste, quality, and diversity firmly establishes it as one of the best nic salts brands for enthusiasts chasing the ultimate vaping experience.

3.Cuttwood Bar Salt 10ml Nic Salt

Cuttwood Bar Salt 10ml Nic Salt emerges as a distinguished figure among the best nic salts UK , priding itself on an illustrious legacy of flavour and quality that has defined the brand since its inception in 2013. Esteemed for its innovative approach to e-liquids, Cuttwood's introduction of the Bar Salt range showcases their dedication to excellence and innovation. These nic salts are meticulously crafted to offer an optimal balance of strength and smoothness, making them a top choice for vapers in search of the best nic salt juice UK.

Key Features:

  • Nicotine Strengths: Available in 10mg and 20mg, catering to a wide range of preferences.

  • Ratio: 50VG/50PG, designed for a perfect balance between throat hit and flavor.

  • Compatibility: Ideal for MTL devices and pod kits, enhancing the vaping experience with controlled cloud production.


  • Intense Flavor Profiles: From the exotic Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava to the classic Tobacco Train, Cuttwood offers unmatched variety in the best nic salt flavours .

  • Smooth Nicotine Delivery: Strength options ensure a satisfying experience for both occasional and regular users.

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Ensures consistency and premium taste across all flavours.


  • Ratio Limitation: The 50VG/50PG might not appeal to those seeking thicker clouds.

  • Specialised Compatibility: Primarily suited for MTL vaping, which may not align with preferences for direct-to-lung styles.

The Cuttwood Bar Salt 10ml Nic Salt is an excellent representation of Cuttwood’s commitment to providing high-quality vaping experiences. With a robust selection of flavours and consistent nicotine delivery, it effortlessly secures its position among the best nic salt brands .

4.Supergood Butter Series 10ml Nic Salt

The Supergood Butter Series 10ml Nic Salt is a groundbreaking entry into the best nic salts UK market, transforming the typical vaping experience into a gourmet dessert adventure. With ten exquisite dessert flavours such as the enigmatic Butter 01, offering a fresh and creamy blend of mango, passion fruit, meringue, and cream, to the decadent Butter 05, which pairs sticky pink marshmallows with rich custard and speckled vanilla ice cream, this range is a testament to Supergood's innovative approach to e-liquid crafting.

Key Features:

  • Nicotine Strengths: Available in both 10mg and 20mg to cater to individual preferences.

  • Ratio: A perfect balance with 50VG/50PG, ideal for those seeking a harmonious blend of throat hit and flavor.

  • Compatibility: Primarily designed for MTL devices to enhance the savory experiences.


  • Intense Flavour Profiles: Each flavour is a masterpiece, offering a deep and satisfying taste that stands out in the best nic salt flavours .

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Meticulous attention to detail ensures a premium vape experience every time.

  • Versatile Nicotine Options: Suits a wide range of vaping preferences, from occasional users to nicotine aficionados.


  • Specific VG/PG Ratio: May not appeal to those looking for a heavier cloud production.

  • Optimized for MTL Vaping: Direct-to-lung vapers might not find it as accommodating.

The Supergood Butter Series is not just another entry into the best nic salts brands ; it's a culinary delight packed into a 10ml bottle, offering an unparalleled vaping experience. Its meticulous blend of flavours sets a new benchmark for what can be expected in the realm of best nic salt juice UK .

5.Bar Juice 5000 10ml Salts

Bar Juice 5000 10ml Salts triumphantly captures the essence of the most adored disposable vape flavours in a compact, user-friendly format. This product lineup deserves accolades for meticulously replicating a wide array of popular tastes, ranging from Triple Mango to Pink Lemonade and beyond. Each of the 32 flavours is a masterful imitation of the original disposable sensations, ensuring that every vaper can find their perfect match. The available strengths of 10mg and 20mg cater to both moderate and robust nicotine preferences, making these salts versatile for a wide audience.

Key Features:

  • Nicotine Strengths: Available in 10mg and 20mg.

  • Flavours: A vast selection of 32 high-quality disposable-themed flavours.

  • Compatibility: Ideal for users who prefer MTL vaping.


  • Widest Range of Flavours: Among the best nic salt flavours , ensuring a match for every palate.

  • Authentic Disposable Flavour Replication: Perfect for those seeking the disposable device experience in a more sustainable format.

  • Versatility in Nicotine Strength: Caters to both light and heavy nicotine users.


  • Limited to MTL Devices: Those preferring direct-to-lung vaping might find these less appealing.

  • Flavour Overload: With 32 options, users may experience decision fatigue.

Bar Juice 5000 10ml Salts is prominently distinguished for its comprehensive variety of flavours, which includes everything from fruity and sweet to cool and refreshing options like Apple Peach and Energy Ice. The perfect balance of 50VG/50PG in these nic salts offers a harmonious throat hit coupled with intense flavour profiles, marking it as one of the best nic salt juice choices for those favoring MTL devices. Each flavour is crafted with high-quality ingredients, capturing the essence of the original disposable tastes without compromise.

6.Wick Liquor 10ml Salts

Wick Liquor's 10ml Salts distinguish themselves in the crowded nic salt market through their unique and captivating flavour profiles. This line from Wick Liquor, a renowned name among the best nic salts brands , delivers a vaping experience enriched with depth and originality. The Boulevard flavour, a standout in their collection, flawlessly blends Mardi Gras fruit punch with fortified Malibu Loganberry pulp, creating a vaping experience that's as invigorating as it is satisfying. These salts are designed for those who value quality craftsmanship and exceptional taste , aligning perfectly with MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping preferences.

Key Features:

  • Nicotine Strength: Available in 10mg and 20mg strengths, offering a balanced experience for moderate users.

  • Flavour Options: Innovative flavors including Boulevard, Deja Voodoo, Contra, Carnival, Boulevard Shattered, Contra Shattered, and Blue Moon.

  • VG/PG Ratio: 50VG/50PG, optimal for MTL devices with a good balance between throat hit and vapor production.


  • Unique Flavor Profiles: Investment in gourmet, original flavours makes this range contend for the title of best flavour nic salts .

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Ensures a smooth, rich vaping experience without the harshness seen in lower-quality salts.

  • Versatility: While optimized for MTL vaping, its balanced VG/PG ratio makes it compatible with a variety of devices.


  • Limited To MTL Device: Those preferring direct-to-lung vaping might find these less appealing than their shortfill variants.

  • Specific VG/PG Ratio: May not appeal to those in pursuit of larger clouds commonly associated with higher VG blends. For this they will need thicker e liquid blends.

Rated for Flavour/Functionality:

  • Flavour: Among the best nic salt flavours in the market, truly standing out for their unique and memorable taste profiles.

  • Functionality: Excellently crafted for MTL devices, though its appeal may extend to a broader audience looking for quality and taste above all.

Wick Liquor's 10ml Salts offer a sophisticated option for vapers who prioritise flavour and quality. They embody the essence of what makes the best salt nic juice ; a perfect harmony of creativity, quality, and satisfaction. Whether you're captivated by the tropical allure of Boulevard or the sweet, nuanced blend of Deja Voodoo, these nic salts promise a distinctive and rewarding vaping adventure.

7.Aromaxy 10ml Salt

Aromaxy 10ml Nic Salts emerge as a beacon in the crowded sea of nic salt options, drawing upon the rich culinary expertise of its creators. This unique background ensures each flavor in the line-up is nothing short of culinary masterpiece, skillfully blending ingredients to achieve perfect harmony. Designed specifically for those who prioritise flavour depth and versatility, Aromaxy stands out among the best nic salt brands . Offering a spectrum of 5 distinctive flavours ranging from the exotic Mango to the classic Tobacco, each selection promises an unparalleled vaping experience that varies with wattage, ensuring a personalised touch to each puff.

Key Features:

  • Nicotine Strengths: Available in both 10mg and 20mg, catering to a wide range of preferences.

  • Flavour Profiles: Includes a diverse selection from fruits to drinks and tobacco.

  • Compatibility: Perfect for use with Pod Kits, MTL Tanks, or AIO systems.

  • Volume: Convenient 10ml bottles.

  • VG/PG Ratio: Balanced 50VG/50PG, ideal for those seeking excellent flavour with satisfactory throat hit.


  • Dynamic Flavour Experience: Flavours change with wattage, providing a unique experience for each user.

  • Culinary Expertise: Crafted by a former top-class chef, ensuring high-quality and well-balanced flavour profiles.

  • Versatility in Nicotine Strength: Suitable for both light and strong nicotine users.

  • Broad Compatibility: Can be enjoyed with most MTL devices, including pod systems.


  • Limited Flavour Selection: With only 5 flavours, some may seek a broader range.

  • Specific VG/PG Ratio: May not appeal to those preferring a higher VG for larger clouds.

Rated for Flavour/Functionality :

  • Flavour: Excellent. Among the best flavour nic salts , Aromaxy offers vibrant and authentic tastes.

  • Functionality: Highly compatible with various devices, providing a consistent and enjoyable experience.

  • Battery/Size: Not applicable directly, but the 10ml size is perfect for on-the-go vaping without the need for frequent refills.

Aromaxy 10ml Nic Salts present a compelling choice for vapers seeking best salt nic juice with a chef’s touch to flavour crafting. Whether you're after the rich depth of Tobacco or the refreshing zest of Blueberry Pomegranate, Aromaxy’s meticulously crafted lineup promises a unique and satisfying vape with every draw.

8.Lolly Vape Co. 10ml Salt

Lolly Vape Co's 10ml Nic Salts are a refreshing blast from the past, catering to vapers yearning for a nostalgic summer experience. These salts, masterfully created by The Ace Of Vapez in the UK, reveal an assortment of four ice cream-themed flavours that perfectly encapsulate the essence of summer with every puff. Whether you settle for the tangy and sweet Twist It, the playful raspberry bubblegum of Screw It, the sophisticated blend in FAB-ULOUS, or the exotic charm of Rock It, each flavour offers a unique vaping experience that brings the best of summer vibes to your palate.

Key Features:

  • Nicotine Strengths: Available in 10mg and 20mg, ideal for both light and heavy nicotine users.

  • Flavours: A range of ice cream inspired flavours including Twist It, Screw It, FAB-ULOUS, and Rock It.

  • Compatibility: Excellently suited for Pod Kits, AIO systems, or MTL Tanks.

  • Volume: Particularly handy 10ml bottles.

  • VG/PG Ratio: Balanced 50VG/50PG, perfect for a satisfying throat hit and fine vapour production.


  • Unique Flavor Profiles: Standing out as contenders for the best flavour nic salts , these ice cream-themed flavors bring a refreshing twist.

  • Versatile Strengths: Caters to a broad audience, from those preferring a milder hit to those seeking more intensity.

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Ensuring a vibrant and smooth vaping experience, hallmark traits of the best nic salt juice.

  • Ideal VG/PG Ratio: Offering a perfect balance suitable for the best small vape mod and MTL setups.


  • Niche Flavour Selection: While capturing the spirit of summer, the specific ice cream theme might not cater to all tastes.

Rated for Flavour/Functionality:

  • Flavour: Exceptional. Truly among the best nic salts flavours , offering a distinct and memorable experience.

  • Functionality: High. Designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of MTL devices.

  • Battery/Size: Not directly relevant but conveniently packaged in 10ml for easy portability and refill.

The Lolly Vape Co. 10ml Nic Salts are a unique and flavourful homage to the joys of summer, delivering an unparalleled vaping experience. These fantastic juices transform every vape into a delightful escape, affirming Lolly Vape Co's position among the best nic salt brands . Ideal for those seeking to indulge in the sweetness of summer anytime, anywhere.

9.Just Juice Bar Nic Salt 10ml

Just Juice Bar Nic Salt 10ml steps up the game in the crowded market of nic salts, offering a vibrant collection of fruit-based flavours that promises an intense and refreshing vaping experience. Drawing from Just Juice's renowned expertise in crafting top-tier e-liquids, this new range echoes the popular trends of disposable vapes but elevates them through complexity, sophistication, and a cost-effective format.

Key Features:

  • Flavours: A diverse lineup including Dragonfruit & Raspberry, Kiwi Passion Orange, Pineapple, among others, tailored for varied palates.

  • Nicotine Strengths: Available in both 10mg and 20mg, accommodating different preferences for nicotine intake.

  • Volume: Conveniently packed in 10ml bottles.

  • VG/PG Ratio: A thoughtful 40/60 blend, perfect for those who enjoy a smooth throat hit coupled with impressive flavour intensity.

  • Ideal for: Pod Kits, MTL Tanks, MTL RTA, or AIO systems.


  • Exceptional Flavour : Among the best nic salt flavours in the UK, each offering is exquisitely crafted to mimic the taste and sensation of popular disposables.

  • Versatility : Suitable for a wide range of devices, revealing its functionality and adaptability.

  • High-Quality Ingredients : Uses nicotine salt for smoother inhales and vibrant taste profiles.

  • Cost-Effective : Offers the pleasure of high-end disposables at a fraction of the cost.


  • Limited VG/PG Ratio : May not cater to those who prefer a higher VG content for cloud chasing.

Rated for Battery/Size/Flavour/Functionality:

  • Flavour: Outstanding. Just Juice Bar Nic Salt 10ml stands out for its approach to delivering the best nic salts for flavour , ensuring a memorable vaping experience.

  • Functionality: Highly adaptable to a broad range of MTL devices, making it a go-to option for enthusiasts seeking the best salt nic juice .

  • Battery/Size: Not directly relevant, but the 10ml size affords portability and ease of use, ideal for on-the-go vapers.

  • Compatibility: Excellently designed for use with lower wattage devices, perfect for those who prefer a mouth-to-lung vaping style.

Just Juice Bar Nic Salt 10ml emerges as a compelling choice for vapers craving best nic salt juice UK , blending meticulously crafted flavors with smooth, satisfying nicotine delivery. Whether you're a fan of exotic fruits or classic combinations with a refreshing twist, this range has something for every taste preference, cementing its place among the best nic salts brands .

10.Blow White Grym Myst 10ml Nic Salt

The Blow White Grym Myst 10ml Nic Salt collection heralds a new era in the realm of flavoured e-liquids, meticulously crafted by the maestros behind iconic blends like Kandy Krush and The Chronicals. This lineup promises an extraordinary vaping adventure with its enchanting new blends that capture the imagination and tantalise the taste buds. Available in both 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths, these nic salts are formulated with a balanced 50VG/50PG ratio, ensuring a smooth throat hit that MTL enthusiasts will appreciate. The collection introduces five spellbinding flavours that stand out for their creativity and depth.

Key Features:

  • Nicotine Strengths: Available in 10mg and 20mg, catering to both moderate and high nicotine preferences.

  • VG/PG Ratio: A well-balanced 50VG/50PG mix ideal for a smoother throat hit.

  • Compatibility: Perfect for Pod Kits and MTL setups.

  • Flavours: Twisted Citrus, The Dark Cherry Rises, Crime of the Passion Fruit, Apricota Warrior, and Hateful Grape.


  • Innovative Flavours: Each offering in the series is among some of the best nic salt flavours in the UK, providing vapers with an unparalleled sensory experience.

  • Versatile Nicotine Strength: These salts serve a wide spectrum of vapers, from those who prefer a lighter nicotine touch to those seeking a more robust hit.

  • High-Quality Blend: Ensures a vibrant, flavourful, and smooth vaping experience, solidifying its status as one of the best nic salt brands .

  • Compatible with a Range of Devices: Designed for optimum usage with lower power setups, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience.


  • Limited to MTL Vaping: While perfect for mouth-to-lung vapers, those preferring direct-to-lung vaping might find the VG/PG mix less appealing.

  • Specific Flavour Profiles: The unique and specific flavours, while distinctive, may not cater to all palates.

Rated for Flavour/Functionality:

  • Flavour: Exceptional. With its innovative and mesmerizing taste profiles, this collection secures a place among the best nic salts for flavour .

  • Functionality: Highly versatile, compatible with a broad spectrum of MTL devices.

  • Battery/Size: The compact 10ml bottles offer convenience and portability, although battery considerations are device-dependent.

Best Devices for Nic Salts

While the nic salt market continues to expand, it's crucial to choose a device that complements the characteristics of these e-liquids. The following are some devices that work exceptionally well with nic salts combining simplicity, With a pocket friendly form factor perfect for those on the go:

1.Vaporesso XROS 4 Pod Vape Kit

Introducing the latest innovation in Vaporesso's acclaimed Xros series – the Xros 4 Pod Kit. This new addition boasts the flavour delivery from the advanced Corex 2.0 coils in their coils as well as the smart AXON chipset, designed to enhance your vaping experience with customisable options and intuitive technology. The Xros 4 ensures reliability and smart operation, offering three distinct output modes to personalise your vape. Whether it's a steady draw or a powerful boost you're after, the pulse mode guarantees the optimal output with every inhale, making it a versatile choice for every vaper.

Equipped with a robust 1000mAh internal battery, the Xros 4 promises longevity and convenience for vapers on the go. The 2A fast charging capability ensures you're back to vaping in no time, fully recharging the device in just 30 minutes. It doesn't stop there; the Xros 4 comes with two pod options, the 0.4 and 0.8 pods, catering to a wide range of vaping preferences from the smooth throat hit of nic salts to the dense clouds from freebase liquids. With an adjustable airflow slider and dual activation modes, the Xros 4 offers precision and flexibility, making it the ideal choice for a customised vaping experience.

2.Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pro 2 Pod Kit

Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pro 2 Pod Kit is the latest release by the prestigious folks at Lost Vape, continuing the lineage of the popular Ursa Nano Pro Pod Kit. This next-generation device marries high-quality materials with a long-lasting battery life and introduces impressive new features in its compatible Ursa Nano Pro 2 Replacement Pods. It is an ideal companion for both newcomers to vaping and more advanced users, providing benefits all can enjoy throughout the day due to its incredibly compact size.

Enjoy next-level performance with your new favourite all-day carry. The Ursa Nano Pro 2 Pod Kit features a substantial internal 1000mAh battery, delivering up to 30W of maximum power output consistently, thanks to the onboard QUEST 2.0 chip. In the event of a depleted battery, the integrated USB-C charging port allows for lightning-fast charging at 2 amp speeds, ensuring you're ready to go in well under an hour. Paired with its user-friendly .42” OLED screen, which displays essential information vividly in any lighting conditions, this Pod Kit stands out for its clear and informative interface.


What is the difference between salt nicotine and traditional freebase nicotine e-liquids?

Salt nicotine, often referred to as nicotine salt or nic salt, is a type of processed nicotine used in e-liquid. It closely mimics the natural structure of nicotine found in tobacco leaves, allowing for a smoother throat hit at higher strengths, making it ideal for those looking for a strong nicotine fix without the harshness. In contrast, traditional freebase nicotine e-liquids have been chemically modified to increase potency, often resulting in a more noticeable throat hit when inhaled, which might not be suitable for all users, especially those new to vaping or looking to transition from smoking cigarettes.

Can I use nic salt e-liquids in any vaping device?

Nic salt e-liquids are best used with low-wattage, high-resistance devices such as pod systems or MTL (mouth-to-lung) devices. These e-liquids are not recommended for high-power devices that are typically used for vaping freebase nicotine e-liquids, as the higher concentration of nicotine in nic salts paired with high power output can lead to an excessively strong nicotine intake.

Are there fruity flavours available in nic salt e-liquids?

Absolutely! Nic salt e-liquids come in a wide range of delicious flavours, including a variety of fruity options. These delicious tastes mimic everything from tropical fruits to traditional berry mixes, catering to a broad palette of preferences. Whether you're into the sweet, tangy, or a mix of profiles, there's likely a fruity nic salt e-liquid to match your desire for delicious flavours without settling for disposable options lacking in taste variety.

How does the flavour concentrate in nic salt e-liquids compare to that of traditional freebase e-liquids?

Nic salt e-liquids often provide a more intense and authentic taste experience compared to traditional freebase e-liquids. This is due to the smoother throat hit of salt nicotine, which can enhance the overall flavour profile and allow the delicious flavours to stand out more prominently. Additionally, since nicotine salts are absorbed by the body quicker, users can experience a satisfactory nicotine fix with smaller puffs, preserving the e-liquid's flavour concentrate over longer sessions. This can be particularly appealing for ex-smokers who are using vaping as a means to quit smoking cigarettes, as it combines the desired nicotine intake with a range of delicious taste options far beyond the limited "disposable flavours'' found in some products.

How long do nicotine salt e-liquid cartridges or pods typically last?

The lifespan of a nicotine salt e-liquid cartridge or pod can vary depending on a few factors, such as the frequency of use, the wattage of the device, and the capacity of the pod itself. Generally, a pod containing nic salt e-liquid can last anywhere from a few days to a week for an average user. It's worth noting that nicotine salt e-liquids are often more satisfying per puff than traditional freebase nicotine e-liquids, potentially leading to less frequent use and longer lasting pods for some users.

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