Founded in 2017 in the UK, Strapped have many critically acclaimed premium e-liquids spanning worldwide. It all began with a small market stall in Brixton and has slowly become one of the top recognised E-liquid brands in the UK.

Strapped offers an extensive range of award-winning nic salts, and shortfills, from slushy flavours to candy and soda based flavours that are sure to delight your taste buds.

So, explore our collection of Strapped premium UK made e-liquids today and don’t forget we offer FREE UK mainland shipping for all orders over £30.

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Strapped Slushies 100ml Shortfill - Shortfill - Ecigone Vape Shop UK

Strapped Slushies 100ml Shortfill

£16.99 £12.99
Dive into Strapped Slushies: A Refreshing Fruity Experience The UK-based Candy Powered Vapes introduces its exciting new lineup, the Strapped Slushies 100ml Shortfill range, featuring six refreshingly fruity concoctions. Each...
Strapped Sourz 100ml Shortfill - Shortfill - Ecigone Vape Shop UK

Strapped Sourz 100ml Shortfill

£16.99 £12.99
Introducing Strapped Sourz: The Ultimate Sour Vaping Experience For those who revel in the tangy, face-pulling sourness paired with sweet fruity notes, the UK-based manufacturer Candy Powered Vapes Strapped presents...
Strapped Sodas 10ml Salts - Salt - Ecigone Vape Shop UK

Strapped Sodas 10ml Salts

£4.99 £2.89
Discover the Strapped Sodas Range by Candy Powered Vapes Overview Candy Powered Vapes introduces the Strapped Sodas range, an enticing collection of soda-themed e-liquids available in 10ml Nic Salts with...
Strapped Soda 100ml Shortfill - Shortfill - Ecigone Vape Shop UK

Strapped Soda 100ml Shortfill

£16.99 £12.99
Introducing Strapped Sodas - A Fizzy Delight for Vape Enthusiasts From the creative geniuses at Candy Powered Vapes HQ comes a sparkling new lineup of soda-themed vape juices. The Strapped...
Strapped 100ml Shortfill - Shortfill - Ecigone Vape Shop UK

Strapped 100ml Shortfill

£16.99 £12.99
Strapped 100ml Shortfill E-Liquids: A Sweet Vape Nostalgia Strapped's 100ml Shortfill range, meticulously crafted by the UK's Candy Powered Vapes, is a nostalgic nod to the sweet treats of yesteryears....