Why You Should Switch From Disposables To A Pod Kit

Disposables have been put into the news and social media now for pretty much all of the wrong reasons, And while there are SOME advantages to the very early stage vapers out there with these disposables being a simple pick up and away you go solution to pack in those pesky cigarettes, There are also factors of this that are definitely not so good. In this feature blog, We will be taking a look into the many advantages to both yourselves as a consumer and to our environment of switching away from disposables and onto something just as simple to use and in the long run, More cost effective! Let's dive into it!

Why Should I Switch?

So to begin with this may seem like a very daunting subject to the beginners but I promise you there are a lot more alternative solutions now than there ever has been before making everything with a normal pod kit a damn sight easier to use and still not break the bank. Let's start with the first question you may ask, “I'm worried that I won’t know how to use it”. The best thing about developments in vaping is the consumer research that many companies do to make everyone's lives easier when it comes to getting off of cigarettes, Which means at least 85-90% of pod systems that are released today offer an “Auto Draw” feature, Which works in exactly the same way your common disposables work with simple inhaling with zero buttons to worry about. There are of course Pod Kits that offer the ability to use “Button Activation” as well as the Auto Draw feature which comes with its own advantages of being able to completely Lock or turn off your device with 5 clicks (most of the time it's 5 but sometimes 4 depending on your device of choice) which keeps your Pod Kit safe from accidental use as well as locking it off should a younger person get intrigued and you forgotten to put your kit out of reach. It's all there for peace of mind. 

Pod Kits these days also don't have to cost you a great deal to get started and also come with 1 or 2 replacement pods that can be refilled with your chosen E-Liquid, But more on the E-Liquid side later on. A nice and easy to use Pod Kit can cost as little as £10, Which will not have a limit on “puffs” like disposables so you can carry on and use to your heart's content. Never be afraid if you are in your local brick and mortar vape shop or ordering through ourselves to ask how these Pod Kits work. The benefits of buying from a vape shop or ourselves is the experience the staff have with them and of course knowing how these work which no supermarket can offer being that they sell everything without wanting to help you kick the cigarettes like we do. We are always available and happy to help via multiple contactable ways with you being able to email us or telephoning us using the number you will find on our website under the “Contact Us” tab.

I've Found A Flavour I Like In Disposables Though?

The next advantage here is very similar to the above but in E-Liquid form. Many different manufacturers and companies do their homework when it comes to what is indeed hot and what is not in the industry when it comes to flavours as this is what helps them keep afloat all while keeping their customers happy at the same time.There are now MANY different companies that have now taken it upon themselves to create whole entire ranges based upon disposable themed flavours, Meaning more likely than not you will find the exact flavour that you enjoy in your disposable in E-Liquid form, Making the switch from disposables to a standard refillable kit easier than ever. These disposable themed flavours are also created in a similar way to the actual disposables themselves being created in a double concentrated form for higher impactful flavour amounts while vaping.

There is another bonus of using refillable Pod Kits, Which is the fact that you are able to variate the actual nicotine strength a lot easier than what you can with disposables with some going to as little as 3mg and even 0mg strengths if you wish to completely kick the nicotine with just wanting the flavour and habit of using your vape. Disposables more often than not are only available in 20mg (or 2%) which is the maximum legal amount of nicotine you are allowed to purchase in the UK due to TPD Regulations. There are some that do 10mg, 5mg and sometimes of course 0mg themselves but these are not refillable and once used they have to be chucked or recycled should there be a way you can do this with your disposable. The replaceable Pods that you can purchase are of course refillable and already have the heating element (or coil) pre-built into them with only some needing you to change your coils which in itself has also been made easy with simply pulling out your “finished” coil and pushing in another one in its place with the Pod itself being refillable via a removable rubber “plug” showing a refilling port large enough to fit the tip of your e-liquid bottle into and fill with zero mess. 

So What Are The Other Main Advantages?

There are a lot of advantages to list here. We will start off with the fact that all Pod Kits are of course rechargeable and can be done so at high speeds thanks to pretty much all Devices now having fast charging capabilities with a USB C charging port built into the device with having the cable to recharge it inside the box that your kit comes in. Not only have you got the entire choice of disposable themed flavours that taste as close to their full disposable counterparts with some even being made by the people that created said disposable themselves, There are also hundreds (even thousands) of different flavours to explore in either nic salts or freebase nicotine e-liquids (will do another blog to cover the difference in these two) with the addition of being able to choose your own nicotine levels without being physically stuck to specific strengths. 

Another big bonus to our environment is buying a Pod Kit with the battery built in to be recharged, These kits have the specific purpose of being reused. Unfortunately this isn't the case with disposable vapes as most people will put these in the bin and not recycle, Meaning that every single part including the battery goes into landfill which really isn't great for the environment. That's without the other handful of people that simply chuck them on the floor. Probably one of the biggest things to appeal to a lot of you is the cost effective nature of switching. As an example there are a lot of disposables that seem “cheap” when you see a 3 for £10 deal when in reality the battery could potentially die before the liquid has gone or the other way around with the liquid depleting before the battery is done, Which to many is infuriating to say the least as you aren't getting your money's worth. The initial set up of getting yourself started with an easy Pod Kit we will say is around the £10 mark (baring in mind you don't chuck it as it  can be recharged), A pack of 5 pods that will last 2-3 weeks roughly per individual Pod is another £10, And if you choose to get disposable themed flavours then thankfully most of these are 3 for £10 with 10ml being in each bottle giving you 5 whole refills per bottle in a 2ml pod. This is far cheaper than having to potentially spend 20-30 every week when in reality the above-mentioned assortment of items costs £30 and will last you a month easily. Pod Kits also come in plenty of different shapes and sizes too, So if you prefer a box over a pen style or vice versa, There are plenty of varieties to choose from.

To Summarise..

Of course it may all seem a bit daunting switching from something that you have grown to be familiar with over a course of time, But if you read the above advantages that you will gain after switching from Disposable vaping to a reusable Pod Kit, The benefits really do speak for themselves. As for any further advice on what to choose if you want to make a go of switching, Please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are more than happy to help you make the transition and recommend both E-Liquids and Pod Kits that fit your budget and vaping needs. Let us help you make the switch while saving you some money!

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