Voopoo Drag X2/S2 Pod Kits - Do they live up to the “DRAG” standard?

The drag series was pretty much born at the very creation of Voopoo themselves and since then there have been many renditions of the fantastic drag series itself. Will these deliver more of the same? Well, let's take a look. 

What's in the box?

The boxes that I've received these kits in are nice and simple with the colours on the edge of the box and basic information regarding the kit itself on the side and of course what’s in the box. The X2 has come to me in grey metal and the S2 in pearl white. The S2 can get up to a maximum of 60 watts of power with its substantial 2500mah internal battery, While the 18650 powered X2 can reach up to 80 watts maximum. Both have the brand new PNP-X pod which features a simple top airflow system and both of course use the new PNPX platform (A little bit more on that later). On the other side of the box there is nothing other than what the colour is of the kits themselves. Inside these boxes you'll get another box, And inside these boxes they actually come with the same things inside.

Included inside the packaging is a user manual with plenty of different languages and illustrations on the inside, A Type USB C cable and inside both boxes the included spare coil will be a 0.30ohm PNP-X coil. Included with all of this of course are the main events themselves, The Drag S2 and X2 Pod Kits. 

A closer look at the Drag X2 and S2

Both of them use the newly upgraded gene TT chip, Both also have a leather effect wrapped around the back which is really nice and comfortable to grip and hold in general. There is only a slide difference on the finishes of the leather with the X2 having kind of a matte finish with the S2!here having more of a shinier glossy finish. 

Comparing them side by side, the S2 is of course a bit shorter than the X2 given that the S has the internal 2500mah battery while the X takes an external 18650 battery so the differing height is understandable. On the side edge of the leather style material you've got drag X2 and S2 kind of etched into this leather material and the Voopoo branding there placed on the device alongside it.

On the pod itself the airflow is on the top of your pods and of course it's adjustable however It does spin all the way around with no stoppers or anything like that. The drip tip itself is moulded into the pod so there's no replacing the drip tip as it is just a part of the pod but on the plus side it is comfortable.

Taking both pods off of each you will be able to notice one of the few differences between the devices with their pre-installed coils. Of course each comes with the same pod, but if I pull out each coil there is a 0.2 ohm PNP-X coil pre-installed with the S2, And with the X2 you have the 0.15ohm PNP-X coil  pre-installed with them both maintaining true to the PNP name being push fit. With the PNP-X coils this is a little different however as there are flat edges on the coil that need to match with the flat edges integrated into the pod for installation. 

Installation of your 18650 is nice and easy. There's no bottom access to get the battery into this one as the way you get to your battery is you literally just pinch and pull the c frame style battery door off. You’ll be pleased to know there are nice strong magnets on the door itself. There are clear markings on the inside of the X2 for battery orientation with positive up top and negative down the bottom.  

Let’s chat about the systems and how they operate. 5 clicks will turn on your devices and give you a nice little start up animation just fading in to the operations screen.  When you first turn these on they will start you off with the smart mode which recognises the resistance of the coil installed upon start up (Same with brand new coils), And it'll automatically set your wattage accordingly to the resistance of your coil giving you the best and most optimal wattage for it. When going through adjustment of the wattage it actually scrolls through rather fast but does not round robin. on the screen you will find your battery levels at the top right hand corner, Drag in the top left, As well as your voltage, The ohms of your coil directly to the left of your voltage, Puff counter and the amount of time your last drag was…. Get it because they're drags? 

If both the up and power buttons are pressed at the same time, that will lock each device so that you can't change the wattage and you can't vape on them. Of course pressing up and power again will unlock them. Pressing power and down does nothing. Pressing the up and down buttons together will take you into the menu where you've got the options of mode, puff, reset, about device and exit to of course exit this menu. If you go up to modes option on both devices, they are exactly the same. So you've got your smart mode, RBA mode and Eco which basically turns down your screen and preserves your battery life that little bit more.  For the purpose of the review though I’ve used the smart mode. Before I forget as well, On the front edge of the device is where you will find the integrated  USB C charge port and going back to the pod itself, On the reverse side of your pod where the PNP-X logo is you will find your refilling port just on the bottom with the silicone plug having a nice little bit of extra material to grab to remove and reveal the generous size filling port itself.

This may not be a negative to some of you but I've got to at least mention it. This being a new coil series (PNP-X), has ended up kind of cancelling out the use of the other coils of Voopoo’s design, The PnP series. The PNP-X is a little bit taller in its creation and has O-rings at the top and is the only coil that will fit in the PNP-X Pod included with these two kits. 

Overall thoughts on the Drag X2/S2.

What do I think of the S2 and the X2? Well to start with I have to say they feel really well made. The S2 is a bit on the lighter side for obvious reasons being that it’s got the internal battery and of course it is that little bit smaller but quality-wise solidly made all round. Big bonus with the new PNP-X  pod because of the top airflow is that they've remained leak free and condensation free, which is a dream for me. I don't mind cleaning up and maintenance of these things, but obviously if I can do without it, that's a bonus. I like the fact that you've basically got the exact same device just with an internal battery and a little bit less power on one and an external battery on one. It's just nice to have options. Not everyone wants to have external 18650’s laying around or to use them in the first instance. The integrated USB-C port has a two amp charging capacity on both. I wouldn't always recommend charging your 18650 batteries from the device but if you do run out of battery and aren’t around a charger to charge them back up, It’s a handy addition.

It's got a multitude of protections on the chip as well keeping it all user friendly. The battery door on the X2, Is a really nice battery door to be fair with strong enough magnets to give you peace of mind it’s not going to fly off and any point. I definitely like how simple they've kept the chip set. No temp control or anything of a  really fiddly nature, It's just your simple 3 modes.

Although I am extremely happy with the performance of the PNP-X Coils and the new pod combined, I am a little bummed that they don’t accept the rest of the PNP series of coils. There will be more coils and a different pod available soon which is exciting as you can then use these kits in multiple ways to get exactly what you want. 

With devices themselves, During use they definitely fire at the same time with no lag in performance which is a nice plus. Definitely like the finish on them as well. Aesthetically very pleasing to look at and exceptionally comfortable to hold in the hand as well. 

Rating these as to how they've arrived to me as kind of a sub ohm only pod at this current time, I can't really fault them. I definitely rate these highly for people that are looking for a pod system to chuck out some clouds and impressive flavour. Yet again they've done the “Drag” series of kits justice once again.

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